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Seema Malhotra And Stacey Forsey Dish On The Real Housewives Of Cheshire Season 7 Drama!

Seema Malhotra and Stacey Forsey spill the tea about the drama on The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The ITVBe reality stars admit that all the ladies are real friends and make it clear that despite their friendships, their drama and fights are real.

“We are all friends, but all the arguments and the fights are really real and it’s really full-on,” Stacey told the Knutsford Guardian. “It’s weird and hard to watch sometimes. It can be stressful and it’s not an easy job. You’ve got to know when to say sorry and know when to move on and hope that the other person who is involved in the discussion or the argument or whatever does the same thing.”

Stacey has been seen on the ITVBe hit reality series butting heads with co-star Tanya Bardsley.

Reunion host, Brian Dowling, asked the girls about the highs and lows of the series and they were less than complimentary.

“That was horrific for me. I’ll be really honest, I struggled with that for months because I’d never had a conversation like that with anyone in my life,” said Forsey. “It was awful. People probably think we’re all bonkers.”

 “Tanya and I are good friends again now and we’ve moved on.”

Seema added: “You get so caught in the moment that you forget the cameras are there.”

Both ladies joined the show in Season 3 but Seema revealed that she was asked to join the show back when Season 1 was in production.

“I’ve known the girls for a long time. My children went to school with Dawn’s children and I went to school with Lauren, so I’ve got a lot of history with most of them. I was asked to join in the first series but it wasn’t the right time because of my fashion business,” said Seema.

“I don’t get to watch a lot of television and I didn’t quite know what the show was about, but in Series 3 when I was approached again, it was the right time for me. I think it’s an amazing platform to be on and at the same time you get to hang out with eight amazing girls,” she continued.

“It definitely opens doors and I’ll be forever grateful to the show for what it’s brought to my life.”

Stacey also admits that she knew the original cast and was asked to join the show back in Season 1.

“I’ve lived in Prestbury for 11 years and hold charity events in my house such as ladies lunches, so I knew everyone too. Everybody knows everybody in Cheshire,” she told Knutsford Guardian. “Word went round that there was a TV show starting and I was asked to join but I wasn’t ready in series one either.”

“It’s fun and an adventure in life and I’m grateful for the profile the show has given me. Everyone has their reasons for joining the show. The show helps build a profile and helps with our charity work and our businesses.”

So what can the fans of the show expect from the ladies the rest of this series?

“Well I put my foot in it and it’s very cringeworthy for me and I hope people relate to it. There are inspirational stories, new businesses and an amazing trip we all go on which is fantastic,” said Stacey.

Seema teases how Season 7 of RHOCheshire is the "best series" to date.

“To date it’s the best series, it’s jam-packed. I can’t believe this journey we’ve been on,” said Seema.

Photo Credit: ITVBe