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Scheana Marie Describes Her ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 6 Behavior As ‘Annoying AF!’

Scheana Marie has taken to Twitter to open up about her candor this season regarding her romance with Robert Valletta, admitting that it may have verged on extra. "Lighten up? Chill? Are you not following me? Lol. I’m literally making fun of myself and admitting how annoying I was," the Vanderpump Rules star told a fan on Twitter. She then added, "I want to shake the sh-- out of myself!! Lol. Hindsight is 20/20."

This season on the Bravo hit reality series, Scheana found herself defending her relationship with Robert to her co-stars/friends — including allegations that he may have kissed another woman and whether or not he's dropped the "L" word.

Scheana also had this to say about her behavior so far this season: "That’s already been addressed. Let’s all come up with some new material. Scheana season 6 = Annoying AF. We get it. Byeeeeeee."

Scheana even made found of herself by paying homage to Rob's impressive skills about how swiftly he can install a TV by using hashtag '#7minutes.'

Scheana then agreed with a viewer after a fan noted that love can make you blind using Taylor Swift's songs in an analogy. "Amen sista! BLIND AF!!! Lol. At least I can admit it and laugh about it now," she said. "Let’s all move on."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo