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Robyn Dixon: “Like Ashley’s Explanation, Monique’s Was Very Weak And Laughable”

Robyn Dixon is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Robyn Dixon explains why she still doesn't buy Ashley Darby's explanation for her behavior at the luncheon. What do you think about Gizelle’s apology to the Grand Dame and Karen putting Gizelle in time out? 
Robyn Dixon: I was very proud of Gizelle for apologizing to Karen. We all know that Gizelle is a jokester but the whole situation went a little too far. It was time for all of us to put the jokes and the drama to the side and to allow Karen to move forward with her life. And I would put Gizelle in time out too if I were Karen! Tell us about your clash with Ashley at the luncheon. What is it like watching it now?
RD: After Monique’s party, I really was not interested in talking to Ashley ever again. I didn’t care to hear anything she had to say about my life and my family anymore so to be honest I was a little annoyed at Gizelle for even forcing the discussion. Watching it now really brings back all of the emotions that I was feeling that day. It wasn’t fun to be at that table then and it’s not fun watching it now. What do you think of her explanation and do you agree with Karen that Ashley is taking ownership?
RD: I really didn’t buy Ashley’s explanation because her reasons for being so disrespectful and passionate about my life were all over the place. Is it because of her childhood and her mother’s decisions or because I said I “hated her?” I could not find a parallel between her mother’s life and my life and felt like she was using her issues with her mother as a great excuse to explain away her continuous meddling and messiness. I don’t agree with Karen that Ashley is taking ownership, I really just think Ashley realizes that everyone is tired of hearing her talk about Robyn and Juan. What did you think of Monique’s explanation of why she got so upset so quickly? You seemed less upset with her versus Ashley – why?
RD: Like Ashley’s explanation, Monique’s was very weak and laughable. I really could care less how she spends her money so to say she got so enraged over money talk is ridiculous. I definitely was far less upset with Monique because the meme was never a big deal until she started screaming in the middle of her husband’s party. All of that pent up negative energy oozing out of her pores is on her, I don’t care enough to deal with it.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo