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Monique Samuels Admits Watching Her Confrontation With Robyn Dixon Over Meme “Still Infuriates” Her; Says Robyn Is “Looking For Any And Every Reason” Not To Like Her!

Monique Samuels is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Monique Samuels breaks down the drama that what went down at her husband’s 40th birthday party. What did you think about the rest of the press conference and those hashtags?
Monique Samuels: I feel like Karen accomplished what she wanted. At the end she said she wanted to see who was still left in the room to help determine her real friends. I thought the hashtags were very tacky and childish. I did not find the humor in them. For a “friend” to go as far as planning their walkout and then revealing hurtful hashtags on a t-shirt that you had the audacity to iron on and make yourself, I think is no friend at all. What was it like to have all of your friends show up to celebrate Chris’s 40th birthday?
MS: Since Chris and I just literally moved into our new home two weeks prior to his birthday celebration and were actually still in the moving process, I was excited to be able to host his 40th surrounded by some of our closest friends. This party was very last minute and to have so many of his former teammates fly in specifically for it was amazing! I was totally blown away by the turnout and the love that was in the home. I was especially happy that Chris’s dad drove three hours up from his home by himself just because he was determined to be there. It wasn’t a typical "Samuels" party but we had the best time ever at his white t-shirt themed birthday! How did the two of you feel about his mom not attending the party?
MS: Chris’s mom could not attend the party because she was taking care of her own mother-in-law. She couldn’t find a nurse in time to leave her mother-in-law home by herself. I’m sure she would have attended if the circumstances were different. The party was planned in less than two weeks so a lot of people didn’t have enough notice to attend. What was your reaction to Robyn bringing up the Instagram meme at your house? What do you think about your confrontation watching it now? 
MS: A meme!!!! I thought she had a real issue or concern with me! Clearly, her issue is with The Boss Squad (I’m sure they’re grateful for the plug)! To be clear, my comment had nothing to do with Robyn being "beneath" the "group." I don’t know where she’s getting that from (“Who Said Dat?”). It appears that she’s revealing what she truly feels about HERSELF in comparison to the group. That comment was directed at Gizelle and Gizelle’s character. She was upset that I “liked” the meme that featured her, but meanwhile, she’s retweeting posts regarding Karen’s tax situation, laughing about it with Gizelle and spreading the word about the private phone conversation she shared with Karen. Oh yeah but she says I’m two-faced?

I would never put a person down for their financial situation and never will because I’ve been there before! For her to bring up a meme that was posted on a fan page was a complete REACH! She’s looking for any and every reason to not like me and that’s fine. Yes, I do know who runs the Boss Squad fanpage but I do not control their content, nor do I pay them. My husband trusts me with managing our funds because I’ve proven to be responsible with how our money is spent. I have no problem confronting people on my own social media or to their face but clearly she’s the one with confrontation issues. It seems as though she’s placing her own issues on to other people. Sounds familiar. Watching it now still infuriates me because I think the entire conversation was pathetic. What did you think of Candiace’s fiancé jumping off of the balcony and into your pool?
MS: Candiace’s fiancé, Chris, asked my permission to jump into the pool from my balcony and I told him it was fine so long as he signed a waiver of liability! LOL! I thought it was hilarious and I was glad he felt so comfortable to be himself in our home. The goal of a great Samuels’ party is for people to feel comfortable and to have a great time.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo