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Leanne Brown Talks Life After The Real Housewives Of Chehsire!

Early this year, Leanne Brown confirmed that she quit the Real Housewives of Cheshire to focus more time with her family, charity and to avoid all the drama from the ITVBe hit reality series. Now, Brown says she is in a “much better place” now that she is concentrating on her charity projects.

“I don’t regret being on the show because there were fun times. But when it stops being fun you have to look after yourself,” she told The Sun. “That’s what I did. I was in a pretty bad place and I’d had enough. There’s only so much frustration and drama someone can take. When that drama is only part of your life, you can put it to one side. But having to live through it every single day consumed me, it consumed my whole brain.”

“Having to be around Dawn just got too difficult. She manages to manipulate everybody,” she explained. "The arguments can be toxic and I still get anxiety when I watch the show, even though I’m not on it any more. It’s just not nice. You always have to be mindful of what you say because, if you try to play a game, in the end you’ll lose.”

“I stand by everything I said on the show. But the majority of the girls are in it for themselves, they have a game plan. Hurtful as it is, only a few of them were really my friends. I’m far happier now I’m spending more time with my family and my real friends.”

She continued: “Looking back, I just think how irrelevant and petty all the drama was.”

As previously reported, Leanne and her husband Wes had a fallout over a £500,000 loan that Dawn and husband Ashley had allegedly not repaid. The situation had lawyers involved and heir teams are still arguing about the issue.

“Because of the legal situation, the truth about Dawn and I couldn’t be told, and people ended up not understanding the extent of what had happened, which was frustrating,” Leanne told The Sun.

“I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of saying nasty things about her because she is pretty irrelevant in my life now. I don’t have to be around her or think about her, so I don’t.”

She added: “She may think she’s top dog but in my eyes it just means she has further to fall, and I believe in karma. Our clash at the reunion was the breaking point for me. I was so riled up that it wasn’t good for me to continue with the show.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe