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Lauri Peterson Opens Up About Son Josh Waring’s Attempted-Murder Case And Explains Why She Recently Testified On Her Son’s Behalf!

As we previously reported, former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson and her ex-husband Phillip Waring testified in their son Josh Waring's attempted-murder case where they revealed that they discussed legal strategies with him during phone conversations that they didn't know were recorded and shared with law enforcement.

Now, the former Bravo reality star explains why she testified on her son’s behalf, saying that she and her ex-husband “had to get up and testify that we had knowledge that the information was privileged.”

“I was actually present in court when the judge read the order so I was very aware that the phone calls were to be unmonitored,” she told Page Six. “So [she and Josh] felt comfortable in coming up with different strategies and talking about what we were going to ask the prosecution witnesses. I researched cases for Josh. I prepared motions. I prepared briefs. I filed all of this information. So basically they wanted to know why was I doing this work for him. What was my capacity? They asked questions for almost three hours and it was more to try to embarrass me. I felt like their mission was really to try to embarrass me.”

Peterson said that she was asked questions about her education and occupation and “they made it seem like who am I to be giving him advice.”

“It was just interesting that Josh had a superior court order and none of his phone calls were supposed to be monitored, but now we’re micro-focusing on something that was supposed to be confidential,” she said.

Then, she told the publication on April 23 that “the defense called a witness from GTL, the phone service that monitors all the prison phone calls. The defense called to have the Orange County specialist come down and talk and they sent a person that only deals with Los Angeles — they sent the wrong person. So now this got contained another 30 days. Why 30 days? I’ll never know.”

She said that the district attorney’s office is still trying to transcribe the hours of phone calls that were monitored as well.

“The defense will call more witnesses but I don’t know who that is,” she told Page Six.

As previously reported, Joshua Waring is facing three counts of attempted murder and other felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with a shooting at a former sober-living home in Costa Mesa in June 2016. He could face multiple life prison sentences if convicted.

Josh's next hearing is scheduled for May 15.

Photo Credit: Google Images