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Kandi Burruss And Kim Zolciak-Biermann Shade Each Other On Twitter Over Their RHOA Spin-Off Shows!

Kandi Burruss slammed Kim Zolciak-Biermann after Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where Part 1 of the reunion special aired. It all went down during a sneak peek of Sunday's upcoming Part 2 reunion, where Kandi tells Kim that she's been "sittin' on the sidelines watching us like a f---n fan."

Kim took to Twitter and reacted to Kandi's diss in a shady tweet. "It’s so interesting @Andy let a “fan” sit right next to him instead of where Marlo and Eva sat! So funny a “fan” had a #RHOA promotion photoshoot as well ! BYE GIRL!," she tweeted.

Kim then shared a picture of herself from's website via the RHOA page which show's her being part of the RHOA cast. Kim circled herself with the following caption, "Such a fan.""

Meanwhile, Kandi replied to Kim's tweeted by sharing an Instagram comment she wrote on RealHousewivesAtlanta's Instagram post with the caption. "Thanks for watching," along with a laughing emoji face.

"If someone hasn't been around you in years but they talk about bullshit that they saw on the last few seasons as if they know some first hand info that means they've been watching! So please keep watching & being a fan of the show with yo Red cup in hand! You haven't been a peach holder in years but you definitely been watching. Cheers!," wrote Kandi.

Kim replied via RealHousewivesAtlanta's Instagram post: "Haha! If I wanted a peach I could have one! Trust that Sweetie! Nobody's a fan of your boring ass and your Failed 3 episode spin offs!," Kim referenced to Kandi's past Bravo spin-off shows. "Cheers to season 7," Kim wrote, referring to her upcoming seventh season of Don't Be Tardy. 

Then, Kandi fired back by posting a 2014 article which that Kandi's wedding special "Kandi's Wedding" was the highest rated Real Housewives spin-off.

"Ok, So Wig apparently watches the show but doesn’t keep up with the ratings. I see that she’s posting fake news that I had 3 failed spin offs... Bish where? I’ve had the Highest rated spin offs with my specials. I googled it for you just in case you need proof. 
#NoCap #AllFacts
Kandi’s Wedding debut 2.4 million viewers
Kandi’s Ski Trip debut 1.457 million viewers
Xscape Still Kickin It debut 1.7 million viewers
All higher than Tardy’s original debut of 1.3 million viewers... (& your recent seasons haven’t debuted that high)," she wrote. "And for your info I only do multi-episode hour long specials because I’m too busy with filming at least 20 (or more) episodes a year of #RHOA & Holding a peach 🍑. What are you doing when you’re done with your much shorter season of 30 minute episodes of Tardy? 🤔 Oh yeah, watching us! Thanks boo! No love lost! Keep being Tardy!"

Kim, however fired back and replied via RealHousewivesAtlanta's Instagram post: "Sweetie Nice try though your wedding had RHOA as a lead in, in fact your wedding was listed as “RHOA”on the TV guide my wedding was on a Thursday huge ratings and no lead in and with its own title! Hence 7 seasons later! #PlayWithBrandeNotMe"

Who's side are you on? Are you #TeamKandi or #TeamKim?! Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo