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Jeff Lewis Shares ‘Aggressive’ And ‘Nasty’ Text Messages From David Beador Amid Divorce Drama With Shannon!

A few weeks back, Jeff Lewis shared some shocking text messages that David Beador allegedly sent to his estranged wife Shannon Beador after the two called it quits after 17 years of marriage. It all went down when The Real Housewives of Orange County star made an appearance on Jeff's Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live!.

If you recall, Jeff along with Jenni Pulos surprised Shannon by reading text messages that David allegedly sent her “You accidentally sent me a few texts of a conversation between you and David. I wanted to prove to the listeners how David has moved on,” Lewis said.

Pulos went on to read, “F— you. So tired of you. You f—ing disgust me. F— you. What do you have to do? Eat? Because you can’t get off your fat ass.”

Shannon, shocked and upset, replied, “Oh my gosh you guys. What do you mean I sent that to you? Are you kidding me? Oh my God. Oh my God. That was a couple months ago.”

Shannon has then denied that she was still getting similar texts from her estranged husband David.

Pulos also read a second text that allegedly said, “World ending tonight? You get out of your pajamas today? Sleep ’til two. The sad part is your bitch behavior is normal for you. F—you.”

“Stop it, you guys!” Shannon said.

Following that incident, David allegedly sent Lewis a bunch of text messages where the two engaged in a series of shady and shocking text messages. Lewis shared those texts via his Sirius XM's radio show.

Check out the transcript between David and Jeff via out good friends over at @LoveAndyC

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Photo Credit: Bravo