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Gizelle Bryant Weighs In On Karen Huger’s Heated Argument With Robyn Dixon!

Gizelle Bryant is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's Season 3 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant weighs in on Ashley and Michael's relationship, Karen and Ray's tax scandal and opens up about her relationship with Sherman Douglas. Were you nervous about introducing Sherman to your daughters? What do your daughters think of Sherman?
Gizelle Bryant: My daughters love and respect me. They also support most things that I do. I was a little nervous when they first met Sherman because they are extremely opinionated and I was just hoping that they liked him as much as I do. If they didn't, boy was I going to hear about it. So, I'm very happy that they love Sherman, it has been very easy to transition him into my world. How are things going with your cosmetics line, EveryHue Beauty?
GB: EveryHue Beauty is going great. I'm so happy that I stuck to my gut and really put my everything into a cosmetic line geared towards women of color. There are so many wonderful things happening with EveryHue that it really makes me want to pinch myself when I think that hard work and determination really pays off. I'm grateful to be able to show my daughters that dreams do come true. What was your reaction to the news about Karen and Ray’s tax debt? Watching now, do you think Karen knew?
GB: I never thought that I would pick up the Washington Post and see next to the style section a long and lengthy story about a very close friend of mine. I started not to believe it because, I mean, I do always know the word on the street before it's printed on paper. This piping hot tea was served with lemon and a biscuit on the side, jelly, and butter. Poor Karen, I just want her to be happy. It's clear that Ray DID tell her about this tax issue. So, I guess if everybody lies then the truth is the lie. Interesting! You were very supportive of Ashley while she was separated from Michael. How did you feel about them moving in together again?
GB: I understand why Ashley moved out and I respect it. I mean if a man was throwing my dresses around and telling me to leave then he wouldn't have to worry about EVER seeing me again. I'm just saying! However, I'm happy Ashley went back, you can't fix a marriage through Morse code and smoke signals. You literally have to be in the same house together working in order for it to be fixed. What did you think of the argument between Karen and Robyn at lunch?
GB: Karen went from I love you, thank you for being there, slapping high-fives to I hate you all within 90 seconds. Karen expects Robyn to 100 percent not discuss the Washington Post article at all because she confided in Robyn. Ummm, a Washington Post article about the Huger's is for ALL the world to read. Well, who am I kidding, just Potomac will read it because no one else cares. Once it's out there, it's fair game, this is water cooler conversation. This is open season for memes, blogs, and gifs. So there is nothing to be defensive about, why so angry? Karen girl, let's just laugh about this, sip champagne and keep it pushing.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo