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Gizelle Bryant Thinks Karen Huger’s Press Conference Was A ‘Waste Of Time’ And Reveals Her First Impression Of Newbie Candiace Dillard!

Gizelle Bryant is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant shares her thoughts on Karen Huger's press conference. Tell us about being ready to move in with Sherman and where you are in your relationship in the episode. What happened out in that vineyard? 
Gizelle Bryant: It’s clearly looking like things are going EXTREMELY well right now in my relationship. Sherman is making me happy, and as long as he can continue to put a smile on my face, I have nothing to complain about.

As for what went down in the vineyard, let’s just say it’s none of your business. #NotSharing. What’s your first impression of new ‘Wife Candiace?
GB: Watching Monique and Candiace meet was like ready, set, go. Competition begins, who can talk more, then the game went to who can talk the loudest. Then who can smile showing the most teeth. Then who can like each other the most. Sheesh, just kiss each other and get it over with. Tell us about Karen’s press conference - what message were you trying to send with your shirt? 
GB: I really wanted to make light of this press conference because it seemed extremely silly to me. Who calls all your friends together to discuss NOTHING?! The shirt was a light-hearted joke to lighten up the huge and heavy tax situation. What did you think of her printing out your tweets and the conference itself?
GB: Instead of Karen taking the time to print out MY tweets, she should first learn how Twitter WORKS. Karen, a retweet and a tweet are two different things. Asking me to come to a restaurant to show me what I tweeted is a waste of my time, t-shirt, and pink blazer. What were you thinking when she brought up the ding-a-ling? And when she shushed Matt? 
GB: A huge part of Karen’s charm is that she uses words and terms that the world has long forgotten. Ding-a-ling?! Who still uses that term in 2018? Actually, let me answer that question: NO ONE says ding-a-ling!

Now, it truly speaks volumes that Karen doesn’t want to answer ANY questions because she's bringing up Michael’s questionable internet exposure. Rest assured — that doesn’t throw us off her scent. Karen, we still realize that you haven’t answered not one question. As for Matt, well, he just stuck out like Blake Shelton at a Drake concert. #MattGoHome

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo