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Eva Marcille Admits She Was ‘Surprised To Hear’ Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Comments About Her Cleopatra Costume; Says ‘It Was Unnecessarily Mean’ And ‘Uncalled For’

Eva Marcille is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Eva Marcille dishes on her Halloween bash and reacts to some of her co-stars shady comments. Did Marley Rae and Ace have a good time together?
Eva Marcille: Marley and Ace had a blast! I’m so happy that Kandi and I got together for this playdate. Kandi has been so instrumental in helping me get acclimated to ATL life! Were you surprised to hear Kim's comments about your costume?
EM: I was surprised to hear Kim’s comments about my costume. There was no need to compare me and Shereé or try and offer an opinion on what is and what is not “pretty.” Who is she to make that judgment? We can both be beautiful with our different versions of Cleopatra!

However, her comments do provide perspective into how she conducts herself and why she is struggling to get along with the others. It was unnecessarily mean, and that sort of uncalled for negativity and mean-spiritedness is unbecoming. Ultimately, I felt great at the party and had a ball, and that’s all that really matters! Whose costume was your favorite?
EM: So my favorite costume was a toss-up between Marlo and Cynthia. Now, NeNe and Gregg were absolutely hilarious, and the fact that they turned something meant to be cruel into a joke and were able to laugh about it was very clever. Marlo, however, slayed her B.A.P.S. look. OMG, she was so good! I’ve seen this costume attempted a few times, but Marlo killed it!

Now Cynthia/50 Cynt was everything! I honestly didn’t even recognize her at first. Not only was the costume perfect, but she stayed in character the entire time! Cynthia was the winner!!!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo