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Dorinda Medley Says Her “Trigger Was And Will ALWAYS Be” Sonja Morgan’s “Ridiculous Comparison Of Filing Divorce Papers To Burying A Loved One”

Dorinda Medley is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Dorinda Medley opens up about her heated argument with Sonja Morgan.

Dorinda writes:

"Are we really doing this again?

The yearly fall trip to the Hamptons is upon us, and once again it is filled with all kinds of misunderstandings and mistruths.

I truly thought that it was the usual set up. I stay with Ramona (whom I love and adore), Sonja stays with Lu, Carole stays with Bethenny, and Tinsley...well I wasn't sure where she was staying, because last year she stayed with a friend. I didn't mean to blindside Carole with the fact she may not be staying with Bethenny, but I was told by Bethenny she had a full house. I was merely conveying what I was told, and with that information Carole needed to make alternative plans, which she did.

Off to Bethenny's birthday dinner! Was I late? What I know is we were arriving as we were told (I will explain later). The dinner was fun, and of course Lu’s rendition of "Happy Birthday" was hilarious and well received.

With all that said, let me get straight to Lu’s brunch the next day. Let me start by saying I had every good intention going into the brunch. I wasn't going to let anything bother me, but after a half hour of me, me, me and the past again, it got to me. The trigger was and will ALWAYS be this ridiculous comparison of filing divorce papers to burying a loved one. Isn't one a choice? Isn't the other, last time I looked, a non-choice, a terrible unwanted ending. I guess if you are a a completely detached human being you can draw a comparison, but believe me, you would have to be completely delusional. Signing divorce papers—again out of choice—due to lack of trust, love, or loyalty, and then having lunch at Le Bilboquet afterwards, is FAR different to watching a life slip away before your eyes and then making arrangements for his funeral. Why don't you call Mr. Morgan—cause you can—and ask him if it's the same. God knows I sure can't call Richard and will never be able to even see or talk to Richard again. Lastly, yes, I will continue to talk about Richard Medley, my late husband, and honor his legacy for his children, for Hannah, for his friends, and for me! Isn't that what you do when a loved ones dies? Has everyone forgotten about their grandparents, their parents, husbands, wives, friends etc when they pass? That's why they have things like memorials. Look it up in the dictionary!

Do people memorialize the day they got divorced? I divorced my first husband (I barely remember the date) about the same time as Sonja. I barley mention my ex in any way other then him being Hannah’s father.

Sadly, you will see most of us attending Bobby Zarin’s funeral. Shall Jill now forget him and treat it like a divorce? Or should she honor him now and forever?

So for all of you that still think that divorce and death are in the same subject line, I HOPE you NEVER need to learn the difference, because I assure you, you will become very clear about it very fast.

P.S. Lu, sorry I got lipstick on your sweater. Remember, you can send it to Madame Paulette or use the new stain kit I gave you!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo