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Ashley Darby: “Karen Is Always Trying To Pull Wool Over Someone’s Eyes”

Ashley Darby is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Ashley Darby shares her thoughts on Karen Huger’s 'no-press conference’ event and reveals how she knows newcomer Candiace Dillard. What do you think about Karen driving up to Monique’s in such a nice car considering Ray's tax issues? 
Ashley Darby: Listen, you know that saying about men who drive big trucks having small privates? I think that pretty much sums this up - Karen is severely trying to overcompensate for the money issues they're having. Humility is just not a word in her vocabulary. What do you think about Robyn saying that you married a man who was already rich and that you are quick to judge?
AD: I respect that comment, I did marry Michael after he was established and I can see how having children changes the nature of a relationship. By no means would I detract from the support she gives him during tough times. By the same token, I understand how people immersed in toxic relationships can fail to see the toll it takes on their wellbeing, as well as those around them. I've lived through many toxic relationship situations throughout my childhood - those issues are not resolved by having dollars in the bank.

My "judgements" are observations, as I've gotten to know Robyn and see how she could be ride or die to her own detriment. We are all swimming laps in our own lanes, but when you see the swimmer drowning in the next lane over, it's incumbent upon you to try to help them out. Tell us about bringing in Candiace into the group – she seemed to get along right away with Monique. 
AD: I met Candiace at a pageant and liked her good energy. And her perky booty is coke can worthy! It wasn't necessarily my intention for Candiace and Monique to gravitate toward each other as there were 20 other ladies in attendance, but it makes sense that they hit it off. They both love to talk about themselves at a high decibel, but that's part of the reason I like them. They're quite entertaining when they're trying to out-talk each other: "I have eyes!" "Oh, I have eyes!" Like, okay we get it - you peep each other ;). What did you think of the press conference (with no press)? What do you think about her getting so upset?
AD: Because Karen is always trying to pull wool over someone's eyes, the no-press conference is just another example of how her schemes backfire. She came dressed in fatigues like she was going hunting but ended up getting hunted. Only guilty people get upset about being asked reasonable questions. What were you thinking when she brought up your husband’s “ding-a–ling"? 
AD: It was quite comical! Unlike Karen (allegedly), I know everything Michael is doing. A fake story about my husband, featuring a faceless grainy picture of some other white man, has no basis. I know it's whack and have the receipts to firmly validate my truth.

On the other hand, Karen has gone around Potomac for YEARS acting high and mighty. That arrogance is unbecoming and has rubbed many people the wrong way (I've heard so many overlapping tales). Now the Washington Post, an internationally recognized and acclaimed publication, has revealed that Karen's riches are as fake as her teeth. No disputing that fact.

What do you think about Ashley’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo