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Arrest Video Of Luann de Lesseps Telling Cops ‘I’m Going To Kill You!’ Has Been Released — Watch It Here!

A new video has been released of Luann de Lesseps' Christmas Eve arrest for disorderly intoxication and other charges has been released. In this new five-minute video (full video can be seen here), the Real Housewives of New York City star is seen threatening to "kill" Palm Beach police officers while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car.

"I want my shoes and my bag and my stuff. Don't touch -- don't touch me. Don't touch me. I'm gonna kill you!" Luann screams toward the end of the video that had been entered into discovery, the pre-trial phase in which attorneys exchange evidentiary documents. State Attorney Dave Aronberg released it as part of a public-records request.

In the black-and-white video, de Lesseps continues ranting, "I'll kill you! …I will kill you! For what? For what did I do? I did nothing wrong. Don't touch me. Don't touch me," she begins repeating.

Earlier in the video, an off-screen female officer tells a friend of de Lesseps', "It turns into battery. She hit a law enforcement officer in the head. … That's all it is end of the day.” The officer later assures the friend, "I'll let you know exactly when she's free to go."

"Julie! Julie!" de Lesseps calls out, referring to Julie Olson, with whom she was at The Colony hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, the night de Lesseps allegedly barricaded herself in the bathroom of a room that was not hers and later aggressively confronted police. On Jan. 24, she was charged with resisting an officer with violence, trespassing an occupied structure and disorderly intoxication.

After repeatedly intoning, "I've done nothing wrong! I've done nothing wrong. Let me out. Let me out, please. Let me out...," de Lesseps has her handcuffs removed momentarily by a male officer in order to adjust them. Around the three-minute mark, she exits the car, asking, "So why? So why? Why? … Why would you do that to me? Why would you? For what? For what?"

As she continues, an officer is heard saying, "Stop resisting." De Lesseps begins threatening, "Oh, my God, I'm gonna get -- I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you, big time. You're gonna be so bad. You're gonna be so bad that you've, you've done nothing, I've done nothing wrong. I've done nothing wrong and you're handcuffing me." At around the four-minute mark, she is placed back into the car and makes the "kill you" comments.

As previously reported, On December 24, Luann was taken into custody for drunk and disorderly conduct around 1:25 a.m. Luann was arrested on charges of battery on an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence and crimes against a person.

According to a police report obtained by E! News, Luann allegedly snuck into a hotel room in Palm Beach with a man. After police arrived, she allegedly refused to leave the room and locked herself in the bathroom.

After opening the door, Luann allegedly shoved an officer, resisted arrest and later "slipped out of her handcuffs" while in a patrol car. The report said that when they arrived at the police department, she was placed in a holding cell, after which she allegedly "stated again that she was 'going to f--king kill all of you'" to the officers multiple times.

Days after her arrest, Luann checked into an alcohol treatment center. In early January, Luann had plead not guilty to all charges stemming from the arrest.

Luann has since pleaded not guilty to all of the charges and according to court records obtained via E! News, de Lesseps is due back in court in May.

Transcript of arrest video courtesy via Newsday

Photo Credit: Bravo