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The Real Housewives Of Cheshire Cast Spill The Tea And Teases What Fans Can Expect From Season 7 Premiere Episode!

The Real Housewives of Cheshire will be returning to ITVBe on Monday, March 26 to bring us more drama, following the departure of original cast member of Leanne Brown, we can expect new alliances! During a recent interview, the ladies tease what fans can expect from the new reality series. Find out below!

According to Manchester Evening News, viewers can expect an “explosive row” and big revelations in the season seven premiere episode.

Apparently, the drama will be centered around Tanya Bardsley and Seema Malhotra.

“It starts off explosive, we just see each other and bam!,” Tanya told Manchester Evening News.

“It’s not good, but I have to keep my gob shut. It’s vile, horrible,” said Stacey Forsey. “Things weren’t left particularly well between everybody last year. It wasn’t great for me and other individuals, but I was still looking forward to seeing everybody.

“But a few things happened, and all that anger came flooding back... and then it all escalated very rapidly.”

As for last year's newcomer Rachel Lugo, she admits she can't wait to see it all unfold when the show returns on Monday, March 26. “I’m so excited to see it on telly,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ester Dee explained that her drama will revolve around a “gift from God” that she receives in the premiere episode.

“I have a big reveal, I have something that has been given to me by god, I’ve got the proof of something, and if I’ve got the golden egg nobody is going to like me again,” she told Manchester Evening News.

“Everyone wants to be involved in my little golden egg.” she continued. “It’s regarding to my relationship to the girls, it’s nothing to do with men or a new lover I didn’t get a new car or plastic surgery.”

“It came on my birthday and I thought this is a present from god. I hope the viewers will hopefully soften out on my side because I am proving that I have something that they have been told many times, it’s a nice little sweet one.”

The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 7 premieres on Monday, March 26 at 10:00pm on ITVBe!

Photo Credit: ITVBe