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Shannon Beador Wins Against Estranged Husband David In Court Over Child Custody And Spousal Support Case — Find Out How Much David Has To Pay Up!

Radar Online reports that Shannon Beador faced off against her estranged husband David Beador, in their nasty custody battle. The Real Housewives of Orange County star appeared with her attorney John Benedict Phillips, while David represented himself in the Orange County, Calif. court on Friday, March 16, 2018.

Judge James Waltz told the former couple that “ it seems like they are both good parents to their children, despite the fact that they are at odds with each other.”

David was ordered to pay Shannon $12,000 per month for child support of their three daughters, Sophie, 16, and 12-year-old twins Stella and Adeline, and $18,000 for spousal support.

The judge originally ruled that David would have to pay her $18,000 a month in spousal support but she told Radar after court that they had settled on a lesser amount.  Apparently, David was heard saying in the courtroom: “She spends like a freak!”

He argued with the judge about the financial terms of the agreement.

Shannon’s attorney claimed David was paying himself rent because his construction is on a land that David owns. David responded and told the judge he was not paying himself with rent and that all money he was making was going back to pay various business expenses and payroll for his employees, according to the gossip site.

David said while his business made $1 million last year, he has been losing $3 to $4 million in prior years. The estranged husband to Shannon Beador told the judge that if he approved that tentative ruling, he would not be able to pay his employees and would probably have to shut down his business in three months.

David also said Shannon has already signed her RHOC contract with the show, which was not reflected in her financial documents. The judge said he couldn’t consider future earnings, only past earnings to determine how much income the individual make on average.

David said that the proceedings were disappointing, “Especially when you’re being taken advantage of,” he told Radar Online about the circumstances.

Since the former couple was fighting over money, the judge ordered a $10,000 retainer for a forensic accountant to review David’s business records.

The judge also ruled that David would pay $25,000 for Shannon’s attorney’s fees.

Both Shannon and David signed the order and stipulation regarding spousal and child support and attorney’s fees. As she was signing the papers, Shannon was shaking a bit. Her attorney turned to her and said, “Take a breath, take your time.”

After both signed the agreement, David addressed the judge again and said he thought the judge had favored Shannon because she had an attorney argue her case.

“I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to present any evidence,” David said. “I need to be careful here, but it seems to me you gave more credibility to Mr.P hillips because he is an attorney and I am self-represented. Quite honestly, your honor, I was ready to have the bailiff put me in handcuffs and haul me off because $30,000 a month would potentially destroy my company.  I have to pay my ex to live a lavish lifestyle while I struggle to make payroll. I have no line of credit because in previous years I had some issues.”

The judge responded that he actually took into consideration the numbers that he (David) presented in his documents and that the agreement the both signed was actually more in David’s favor.

Shannon and David were granted joint physical and legal custody of their three children. David argued with the judge that he was only getting “15 percent” visitation time but the judge told him: “Sir, I hope you can come to coax (your daughters) to have as much parental time with them and tell Shannon to cooperate.”

Shannon and her estranged husband were admonished by the judge for their extravagant spending habits, saying “they both individually make too much money not to have enough at the end of each month.”

Transcript courtesy via Radar Online

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo