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Shannon Beador And Tamra Judge Are Reportedly Feuding Over Eddie’s Friendship With David Beador Amid Nasty Divorce!

According to a new report, Real Housewives of Orange County stars Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge are currently at odds. Radar Online claims that the alleged feud sparked due to Tamra's husband Eddie's close friendship with Beador's estranged husband David — despite the fact that Tamra has been Shannon’s closest confidante through the divorce drama.

In late January, Tamra and Eddie’s Cut Fitness team posted this photo on social media, showing that David is still very much part of their lives. At the time, David’s nasty split with Shannon was well underway!, reports the gossip site.

“Shannon thinks that it is really messed up,” an insider told Radar Online. “She does not understand why Tamra allows Eddie to hang out with David when she is supposed to be her best friend in the world.”

Tamra even took to social media to defend her friend after Shannon's ex-husband David had moved on so quickly and publicly. If you recall, David has been dating 34-year-old Newport Beach, Calif. local Lesley Cook since December, just three months after the split.

“Tamra was the first one to tell Shannon about Lesley, and even called him out on New Year’s Eve when she learned that he spent the holiday with his new girlfriend!,” according to the source.

“Tamra told Shannon that she really had no idea that David and Eddie were still hanging out,” the source told Radar Online, adding that Shannon didn’t buy it.

“She thinks that Tamra isn’t telling the truth, because there is so much proof that David and Eddie are still close.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo