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Scheana Marie And James Maslow Talk About Their Brandi Glanville Feuds!

James Maslow recently stopped by Scheana Marie’s podcast Scheananigans to discuss their respective feud with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville. If you recall, Maslow and Glanville clashed the whole time they were on Celebrity Big Brother.

“[The producers cast] Brandi, which I wouldn’t have had a problem with if she didn’t just decide for absolutely no reason to have a problem with me. … It’s no secret that it was absolutely unprovoked, unwarranted and just obnoxious,” he told Scheana on Tuesday, March 27.

Meanwhile, the Vanderpump Rules star shared her own story about her 10-year-long feud with Glanville.As you all know, the feud began when Marie, unknowingly dated Glanville’s husband at the time, Eddie Cibrian. The podcast host remembered getting sent home from SUR and worrying she would be fired because of Lisa Vanderpump’s close relationship with Glanville.

Years later, Marie watched as Glanville said she was her favorite Vanderpump Rules cast member on Watch What Happens Live. She reached out to thank her for her kind words, and the frenemies hung out several times after that.

Maslow reveals he had a similar encounter with Brandi when he went to get drinks with the Celebrity Big Brother cast: “She comes running over and, like, sits on my lap and wants to be friends in real life. And, mind you, in real life I don’t have to be nearly as polite as I was on the show so, like we said, we don’t have a hundred cameras and I can very much call her on her s–t, which I very much did. Truth is, I don’t hold any grudge against her. But the same thing, as much as she wants to have drinks and be friends, and the same evening, then I look and see press where she’s still ragging on me.” The Big Time Rush alum accused Glanville of hitting on him “in a bullying kind of way like we’re third graders.”

Transcript courtesy via Us Weekly

Photo Credit: Bravo, CBS