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Romain Zago Comes To Joanna Krupa’s Defense And Congratulates Her And Douglas Nunes On Their Recent Engagement; Says “We Will Always Be The Perfect Friends!”

After Joanna Krupa announced that she was engaged to businessman Douglas Nunes, the Real Housewives of Miami's ex-husband, Romain Zago took to Instagram and came to her defense after many people accused the Polish model of "rushing" into a new relationship after divorcing Zago.

"Quick info to whomever seems so kindly concerned about my current relationship w @joannakrupa and how are we adapting to our new lifestyles.. First, to those concerned w the fact that she is rushing into a new relationship, she is not," he wrote.

"Her & I have been unofficially separated since Dec 2016.. divorced mid last year. Since then, our friendship has strengthened to a another level, and we r now more than ever Best Friends Forever, we talk and text every day and we not only seek advice from each other, but we also encourage each other to reach the ultimate level of happiness and success," he continued.

"I couldn’t have been happier that she has found someone, as we both made a promise long ago that our common goal was to make each other happy. The fact is we were not the perfect couple as everyone thought, and so did we..., however, we were, we are and we will always be the perfect friends.. So to her and Douglas: congratulations."

He added: "On a side note, our Dogs Darla and Rugby will always be considered to be our kids."

Joanna replied to Zago's post and thanks him for support. Joanna also hopes that other divorced couple sees them as an example that you can always remain friends and respect each other after divorce.

"I wish everyone would take an example from this that no matter what u can always remain friends and respect the years that were spent together. Thank you the kind words," she wrote.

Photo Credit: Bravo