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RHOA Recap: Let There Be Light And Love [Episode 15]

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

If I needed one word to describe this episode it would be cathartic. Yes, this group of women fight and throw shade at each other, but at the end of the day there is some kind of respect and love there. With a cast of 6 Housewives, 2 Friends and 2 Extras there was bound to be some women not participate in the trip but the 7 girls that remained for the last two days really had a nice comradery, but we all know that it will turn to shit once Kenya, Porsha and Kim rejoin the group.

After Go Naked got on the first plane back to Georgia, the ladies hightailed out of their mildew invested Villa and set up camp at a nice hotel that was much more up to Housewives standards. Everyone assembled in NeNe's room while Sheree was sequestered in her suite talking to her prison boo and when his name was brought up amongst the group Miss Leakes was not having it. NeNe made it VERY clear that she never, ever had any kind of relationship with Tyrone, but there must be something there or else The Rich Bitch wouldn't get so mad about it.

She by Sheree and her nasty red wig joined the group and Kandi wanted to do a sexy photoshoot for Tyrone, so that he would have something to deter him from having glory hole fun in the showers. That man is going to be locked up for the next decade and you expect me to believe that he isn't having any sex? They don't call it "Gay For The Stay" for nothing. After some persuasion Sheree decided to do it for the peach and let Marlo style her. Miss Hampton dressed her up in a long wig and cheetah leggings which just made Sheree look shorter than she already is. The "models" in the room coached Sheree how to pose on the stairs, which threw me back to the stairs that she fought with Marlo on in South Africa. How times have changed. I think the photos were cute but Wigfield wasn't showing enough skin for it to be a sexy shoot! Back the showers Tyrone goes!

The next morning the girls woke up fresh from their night of drinking and twerking. Now THAT is what we wanna see, not Sheree squirming while the girls tried to take her photo. Shamea's thirsty ass decided to carry the Tyrone bone back to Sheree and tell her about NeNe shit talking her prison boo the night before. Oh lord. That caused Sheree to give us an entire retrospective of her and NeNe's relationship, which I was living for. Tyrone was the promoter of an event and got NeNe, Kim and Sheree all a gig, however Miss Leakes decided that she wanted the other girls to get paid less than her, which was a common practice in those vintage Housewives days. See: Jill Zarin trying to take Bethenny Frankel's gig on the Today show. NeNe trying to take money out of the other girls fee caused the entire Rich Bitch fight between her and Sheree which was where NeNe delivered that Trump line. Maybe SHE was one of the contestants that Brandi Glanville was talking about, who slept with Trump?

After the Rich Bitch fight that Tyrone was partly responsible for by telling Sheree that NeNe wanted more money, the two girls didn't speak for years until the Jamaica trip where they put all their issues to bed. Ever since then their relationship has been very surface and it looks like it only look Tyrone coming back in the picture to seperate the divas again. Is it really that deep or am I missing something? NeNe did called him out as a con artist in San Francisco and now whenever Sheree confronts her about it she doesn't want to speak about it and now things are just weird. I don't understand it. There has to be something there or else NeNe wouldn't get so weird about it. When NeNe and Sheree are good together, they are GOOD and I want them to get back to that place. Maybe Tyrone needs to be solitary confinement for that to happen.

Cynthia also carried the bone back to NeNe that She by Sheree had known of the roach video long before Kim showed it to the world, which is very suspect. For a bone carrier Miss Wigfield is very selective about the bones in which she carries. Why did she have to run back to Kim and tell her about what NeNe had said but not the other way around? It seems like whenever Kim and her wig are talked about Sheree tells her but keeps nice and quiet about the crap that Kim talks about the rest of the ladies. Sheree, Kim is not a good person to align with. She's overpowering you on the show and if you remain wedged in her anus then it's more than likely that your peach is going to roll on out of your hands and into hers. Let's not forget that Sheree lost her peach the last time she feuded with NeNe and sided with Kim. #NeverForget.

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