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RHOA Recap: Driving Miss Kim [Episode 16]

by: Sam Allan from Good Tea
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

After their healing Barcelona trip, the gang arrived back in Atlanta and naturally fell victim to the usual mess that the ATL tends to throw their way. Of course RoachGate reared it's ugly head when Kim's daughter Brielle started coming for NeNe online about being mean to her mom and having a dirty house, so the Rich Bitch clapped back in an epic rant.

I'm just dying that she misspelled Kylie Jenner's name. Miss Leakes obviously won the shade war and is still the reigning Queen of Clapbacks, however I don't believe that Kim and Brielle are racist. The tupperware twins are too dumb to realise what their ignorant words mean and I honestly don't believe that their selfie-obsessed-one-track minds allow them to think about anything that isn't on their Snapchat screen. Kim went over to her mouthpiece Sheree Wigfield's house to rant about her latest social media battle with NeNe and the bone carrier crawled right back up into Kim's inflated white booty.

Of course Kim and her wig stuck to their usual theory that everyone is "jealous" of her and that NeNe fucked with her kid, but the kid fucked with NeNe first. For starters that "kid" is 21-years-old and if she's old enough to be clapping back at her mom's costars online, then she's old enough to be able to have them clapback at her. Shouldn't Kim be mad at her own daughter for running around filming bugs and fighting with grown women on social media instead of taking her anger out on NeNe who was just defending herself against the Kylie Jenner wannabe? At the very least Kim should let her daughter know that what she did was wrong but we all know that Kim will take her excuses and deflection to the grave along with her red solo cups.

Instead of addressing her daughter's lack of respect and basic social manners she's sticking to her dumb story that Brielle only made the video because she saw the bugs on the floor and only showed her the video, but Kim was still the one that sent the video to all the girls and made it public knowledge. All NeNe did was accuse her of being racist, which is a low blow and Kim retaliated by sending her a 20K cease and desist that Miss Leakes lit up and burned to a crisp, like Cynthia did to that messy friendship contract. We also saw all the racist Kim flashbacks from her chicken digs to her slave Sweetie. I really don't believe she's a racist but she does have zero self awareness about how she interacts with black women and needs to check herself before she opens those big, fake duck lips of hers.

After the RoachGate online beef, NeNe's week didn't get any better. The Rich Bitch decided she wanted to be a comedian, so she flew to the West Coast and did her first stand up performance when a heckler told her to kill herself. In true NeNe fashion she clapped back and told the girl that she hopes her uber driver rapes her. Damn. NeNe lives on 100. She said that the crowd was extra sensitive because the show was in the Bay Area, which is where Uber started but I think she could have made that joke anywhere across America and had the same backlash, except for at a Trump rally.

Due to all the backlash Kandi's team had to fire Miss Leakes from the Xscape tour, only adding to her shitty week. Obviously Kandi and her black wig didn't think the joke was a big deal and wanted NeNe to keep her job but the higher ups on the tour pulled the plug on her comedy career. She by Sheree was riding so hard against NeNe's comments because they are in a beef right now, but if Kim had told a fan to get raped Sheree would sit there in one of her bad wigs and continue to kick it with the haemorrhoids in the resident white girl's ass.

Due to her big week, Cynthia and Marlo took their booties over to Casa Leakes where NeNe cried about her rape comments and got even angrier about the mess with Kim. Now the mother-of-six is trying to insinuate that NeNe is on drugs but they are both just grasping for straws at this stage in their beef. If you look back at the history of their relationship they really haven't been friends since their bus ride in Miami. They barely spoke for the entire season four and only maintained a boring, surface friendship once they both left the show and now since they both rejoined the franchise it's becoming very clear that these are two women who were not, should not and will not ever be friends.

NeNe's pity party finally concluded and Kandi decided to sit down with Kim and her wig for the first time in years. Of course Kim was an hour and half late which is just rude and could constitute as a main storyline in RHOBH, however in Atlanta they save their drama for more pressing issues. Kim was dropped off by Kroy before he went over to Costco, so I guess he has been upgraded to errands and isn't forced to just sit in the parking lot playing candy crush. He really needs to get a job because this co-dependant bullshit is just too much. Kandi brought up how Kim never really wants to be around the group and is always looking for an excuse to leave by keeping Kroy parked outside waiting for her, which were all clear and logical facts. Kim of course off loaded all her excuses saying that he drives her around because she doesn't like drink driving and that all the other girls are just jealous that they don't have men like Kroy but Miss Burruss got Kim and her $2.95 Groupon wig all the way together.

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