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NeNe Leakes Thinks Half Of RHOA Cast Should Lose Their Peaches!

NeNe Leakes put her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars on blast when she revealed that if it was up to her half of her current co-stars would have lost their peaches already. "Honey, I don't have an executive seat at Bravo, but if I did, half of this cast would be gone," she told E! News. "Trust me. I would not have them here working."

NeNe thinks that Marlo deserves to hold a peach one day.

"I've always said I think she deserves a peach. Now, I don't think the whole cast was supportive of her having a peach until me and her fell out. When we fell out, then they were all the way here for her having a peach and taking pictures with her and hanging out with her. Then when we got back cool again, now they're all like all over the place," she said, laughing. "No, listen, Marlo's super funny, she's a great addition to the show. I don't care if she has a peach, if she stays a friend of the show, she's being seen a lot. I think she's OK. But I thought she deserved it."

NeNe feels like some of these Friends are pulling more weight than the main women taking in a bigger paycheck. "The reason why is there are people being paid on this show who need to be a friend to the show. And they need to spread that check around to somebody who's really bringing something to the show," she said. "These folks getting these big checks who really don't need them, I would spread them around to some of the friends on the show who bring the drama. Or demote some of these people to friends. You know who I'm talking about."

"There's a lot of girls I would not give a peach back to, but the moment I start naming them is the moment I have an argument with everybody on the cast because they swear that you are trying to stop them from eating," she said, referencing Porsha's issue with her earlier in the season over a similar comment. "No honey, you're stopping yourself when you're boring."

Photo Credit: Bravo