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Magali Gorré And Ester Dee Get Into A Shady Twitter Feud!

Magali Gorré and Ester Dee got into a shady match over Twitter. It all went down when a fan tweeted tweeted a photo of the current cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, crossing out everyone except Dee, Lauren Simon and Tanya Bardsley. The fan revealed that Leanne Brown, Ampika Pickston and Magali Gorré are "terribly missed."

"I'm only here for @TanyaBardo7 @laurensimon835 and @DohnalovaEster. The rest are boring (Stacey/Seema), fuller (Lauren/Nermina) and evil (Dawn). I'm terribly missing @leanne_e_brown, @AmpikaPickston1 and @magaligorre. #RHOCheshire," the fan tweeted.

Then, another fan chimed in and said that Ester was a "massive pain in the arse."

"Can’t be arssed with Esther in all honesty, she is a massive pain in the arse and thick as shit." Which Ester fired back and responded, "and who are you to [criticize]"

Magali, who was tagged in the original tweet gave some advice to Dee, advising her not to let other people's opinions get to her and reminded her that people will have something to say because she's on a television show. "@DohnalovaEster it’s her opinion but proof them wrong then if you bother BUT BUT BUT there we go again you spalsh your life on tv so people will have a opinion darlinggggggg," she tweeted.

However, Ester decided to channel her inner Mariah Carey and responded with a shady tweet, "And who are you?," Ester wrote back to Magali.

Did Ester watch the first two seasons of RHOCheshire? Everyone knows you "don't cross me, don't mess with Magali!"

"i stick up for you !!!! and you ask me who i am.... Gosh YOU follow meeeeeeeeeeeee ???????? 🤣 and YOU KNOWWWWW who iam dont play the game with me babe. ☝🏽," Magali fired back.

Ester realized it was an misunderstanding and replied, "Ment to [criticize], of course I know who you are"

However, it was too late and Magali fired back with a shady tweet, "bla bla bla blond blond blond ..."

Ester simply responded: "I better not reply to the blond comment..." - in which Magali replied "No you better don't..," along with a wink emoji. 

Magali ended the short lived Twitter beef with praising Ester's role on the ITVBe hit reality series. "But i don’t want to upset her either,@DohnalovaEster is as i said before far from boring And here it’s start and here it end."

Who's side are you on? Are you #TeamMagali or #TeamEster or #TeamBoth? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: ITVBe