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Lydia Schiavello Signs Modeling Contract With Bella Management!

Lydia Shiavello was fat shamed during the most recent season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Now, Shiavello has become a body activist and is using her voluptuous figure to spread awareness and the reality star has also signed a modeling contract with Bella Management.

“We don’t need anymore size zeros. We need more happy sizes and that works for me,” she told The Herald Sun. “I’ve been blessed by my parents with good genes and I am what I am.”

“I do love food, but when someone says to me, ‘you are fat or you are large. Why don’t you get a tan to slim your arms.’ It is almost a reflection of how unhappy they are, it is actually not even about me.”

“I don’t think I am large. I think I am normal actually,” she continued. “And I am so happy. I am the happiest I have ever been and I think being fat-shamed, it is a sore point, but more for people around me that look at me and love what they see.”

“If you are very content within yourself it does not matter if you are a size 8, a size 10, a size 14.”

Lydia has been signed with Bella Management earlier this month , according to the publication. The director of the agency, Chelsea Bonner said she was delighted to have Schiavello on board and believed she would be an amazing brand ambassador for everything from fashion to cosmetics and hair care.

“She (Lydia) is like most of us at this stage in her life, multi-skilled and multi-talented, and I just love that she can take the mickey out of herself,” said Bonner. “The fact is that we are an ageing population and the women who have the most disposable cash to spend on fashion and beauty are right in Lydia’s age group.”

“It’s a 40+ world and we want brands to understand that and stop using 16-year-olds to sell us ageing creams. We also have plans to grow Lydia’s food line and develop her cooking skills into her own show.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel