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Gamble Breaux Releases Music Video For ‘This Time’ — Watch It Here!

Last month, Gamble Breaux released her first single, "This Time" Now, the Real Housewives of Melbourne star finally released her much anticipated music video for the love hit track. Watch it below!

As you may recall, Gamble dedicated the track to her husband, Dr. Rick Wolfe as an anniversary gift, which was part of Breaux's storyline on the current season of the Foxtel hit reality series. Gamble officially sang the track to her husband on the finale episode.

Gamble took to her personal blog to share more details about the song and opened up about her past singing career. "Hi everyone, I’m super excited to announce the release of “This Time,” she wrote. "The song was written and produced by Jason Singh and Lukether Batterbury."

"I performed it at Melbourne’s iconic Athenaeum Theatre to my gorgeous husband, Dr Rick Wolfe, for our anniversary," she continued. "I hadn’t been on stage for 20 years before this moment."

The reality star then opened up about her signing career and revealed her reasons why she left it behind her.

"When I was a young woman, my life’s direction took a massive detour. My singing career was going well.  I was a signed Singer/Songwriter with Warner Chapel Music. I had plenty of studio time under my belt and I wasn’t even twenty yet. It came as quite a shock when I started losing my hearing. It was due to otosclerosis."

"Although I had surgery to fix the condition, I never trusted my hearing until now. If you can’t hear, you can’t pitch.  It broke my heart. Rick organised the most amazing boost to my hearing. Afterwards I felt so confident that I started taking secret singing lessons. I would sneak out once a week to meet up with Carolyn Waddell, who is better known in the theatre set as Cal."

Gamble credits her husband for being her inspiration and thanks him for encouraging her to give music a second shot in her new single, This Time.

"Rick and I love live music and we hired Jason Singh to play at Luke’s twenty-first.  Rick has tried to encourage me to get up on stage to sing with all matter of bands since I met him, literally every time a band is in our general vicinity. To the musician’s relief I have always said no.  Not this time. I asked Jason to help me.   To my relief he agreed to and wrote the most amazing song for me to sing to my husband.  It’s called “This Time”. I cry almost every time I try to sing it."

"It has given me new life. Jason Singh and Lukether Batterbury are the most brilliant producers," she added. "I chose Valentine’s Day to release the song.  I hope you love it as much as we do."

‘This Time’ is now available on iTunesAmazonGoogle Play and Spotify

What do you think of Gamble's new track? Do you love it or hate it? Tell us!

Photo Credit: YouTube