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Former Real Housewives Of Cheshire Star Ampika Pickston Launches New Weight Loss Product In Marbella!

Real Housewives of Cheshire alum Ampika Pickston has launched a weight loss product in Marbella. The Skinny Revolution is an injection, used on the stomach, said to help with weight loss. Pickston, a self confessed binge eater admits that food acts as her coping mechanism.

“It’s psychological. If I feel unhappy or stressed or a just in a moment of self doubt I binge and it will last 48 hours,” she told the Olive Press. “Food has been very emotional for me. I have been a size 20 and a size 8. I’ve gone from glamour modeling to shopping for clothes loathing myself.”

Ampika is on a mission to help others feel better about themselves as she has acquired the distribution rights to the new weight loss drug. The reality television personality also confirms that she will also expand into slimline wines and calorie control shakes.

“No one’s going to look like a Victoria secrets model, we have to make do with what we’ve got. I gained eight stone when I had my son, so I am covered in stretch marks. We are all over critical of ourselves, but I am what I am.”

She added: “People think I married a rich guy and so must have got a big pay out, but I’ve got a mortgage like everyone else. And like other bosses I have staff and if I don’t work they don’t get paid.”

For more info on Skinny Revolution visit their official website or CLICK HERE!

Photo Credit: ITVBe