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Eva Marcille: “I Think That Porsha Was Definitely Being Provoked”

Eva Marcille is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Eva Marcille sympathizes with Porsha Williams after her emotional breakdown in Barcelona. What did you think of everyone's reaction to the Missy Elliot comment the next morning?
Eva Marcille: Everybody's reaction seemed simple and calm. I'm from the school of "to each their own," so if some of these girls are comfortable with certain conversations, then more power to them. I, however, will never be told who to be and where to draw MY line. I am my own woman and live life on my own terms.

Furthermore, the thirst was looping in a hip-hop icon for your own personal aggrandizement just to make this "rumor" more salacious? That was unnecessary and reckless. #petty #classless Were you surprised that Porsha got so upset about the doormat?
EM: You never know someone's sensitive spot. I can't say that I was surprised, particularly given the context. The doormat comments were a bit rude. In what world does someone's doormat mean so much to the next person? Beyond that, I think that Porsha was definitely being provoked. You can't continue to poke a bear and then get mad at the reaction. As a human and a woman, I feel for Porsha...not because she's perfect or without fault, but because no matter what she says or does, her past seems to consistently get thrown in her face. I know for sure that I'm not without a past, and I would hate to have to defend it every single time that I hang out with my friends. What went through your mind during Porsha and Marlo's confrontation? 
EM: When Porsha and Marlo got into it, I was blown away. I could not believe that all of this was happening and that it was all over a doormat. It was way too eventful for a cute little dinner.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo