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Cynthia Bailey: “I Was Surprised How Quickly Porsha And Marlo’s Confrontation Escalated”

Cynthia Bailey is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cynthia Bailey weighs in on doormat showdown between Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton. What did you think of Porsha's kissing skills?
CB: Since Porsha and I had a little spat earlier in the trip, I was glad when she offered up herself to kiss and (hopefully) makeup. LOL! However, I was a little disappointed in her kissing skills. I know this was not her first rodeo, so I expected more! I felt a little short-changed. Were you surprised Porsha got so upset about the doormat?
CB: Porsha and Marlo was seated at one end of the table, and I was seated at the opposite end, so I missed a lot of the initial conversation that sparked the commotion. However, when I did catch on to the doormat conversation, and I thought it was silly and funny. Who cares about the size of someone's doormat? I tried to lighten up that moment by jokingly telling Porsha that I know IKEA has larger ones, since according to Marlo, I furnished my entire house with IKEA. LOL! I actually don't have a doormat, but you know where I will be getting it from when I do get one! I love IKEA. What went through your mind during Porsha and Marlo's confrontation?
CB: I was surprised how quickly Porsha and Marlo's confrontation escalated. Marlo was not letting up, and Porsha wasn't backing down. That is not a good combination.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo