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Brielle Biermann Reportedly Gets Huge Raise For Don’t Be Tardy!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s daughter Brielle Biermann got a whopping raise for Don’t Be Tardy, according to Radar Online. The 21-year-old reality star got a 10 percent increase on the $10,000 per episode she was already making for the Bravo hit reality series, an insider revealed.

Biermann’s payday is no surprise since her recent drama is what’s driving the reality program, reveals an insider.

“The robbery situation was filmed,” the source said of one of Biermann’s recent plot lines.

If you recall, Brielle’s black Mercedes SUV was was unlocked in the driveway of her parents’ Atlanta home when thieves ransacked the vehicle, getting away with her $2,900 purple Chanel purse and her $1,000 black Chanel wallet.

Kim blasted the robbers on Twitter, revealing that not only were Don’t Be Tardy cameras rolling, but their home security caught them on video as well.

“Hey you loser we got your ass on camera stealing our s**t! You are a dumb f**k!!” Zolciak tweeted.

Apparently, Biermann’s split with her boyfriend Michael Kopech, was also filmed for the show's upcoming seventh season, helping to earn her pay raise.

Photo Credit: Bravo