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Shannon Beador’s Estranged Husband David Has Moved On And Is Dating Much Younger Girlfriend Lesley Cook, David’s New Girlfriend Opens About Their Relationship And Shuts Down Haters On Instagram!

Shannon Beador's estrange husband David Beador is already dating and has already moved on with 34-year-old, single mom Lesley Cook. The former Real Housewives of Orange County hubby's new girlfriend is speaking out about their new romance — and is shutting down haters who bashed her for dating a still-married man!

According to multiple sources, David was dating “several women” immediately following his split with Shannon. However, it all changed before Christmas when he started dating Lesley, reports Radar Online.

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In the Instagram photo shown above, the single mother-of-two thanked Beador for helping her with a workout. After David praised his new girlfriend, “you did awesome,” she commented, “Thank you for the encouragement. You energy and determination is contagious!”

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In the next photo, Lesley, who is a DIY blogger and OC native shared a photo of herself dinning at The Montage along with Beador, two days after Christmas. “Looking great #discrete, David wrote.

David has since deleted all of his comments from Lesley’s page.

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As Shannon Beador was ringing in the New Year with co-star Tamra Judge, David was celebrating the day with Lesley. In the photo shown above, David wrote, “Looking good. Someone is getting lucky tonight! #discrete #HappyNewYear.”

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In another Instagram post (shown above), David and Lesley shared another flirtatious comment. David wrote, “I heard Park City in Feb is nice also if you like the snow,” to which she responded, “I can’t wait to race #NOTdiscrete.”

Photo Credit: Radar Online

Photo Credit: Radar Online

Just a month ago, Lesley and David too their workouts to a new level as the two shared lovely encouragement comments back and forth on the Instagram post above.

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However, a few weeks back the two jetted to Las Vegas together. Although he deleted all of his comments from this photo (shown above) that she posed from the concert, he originally wrote, “Was this before of after we “bumped” into one another?” I don’t remember meeting your date strangely enough… maybe he was holding your shoes in back as you said your feet hurt. #roulettequeen&wannabeking #love.”

In which she replied, “I think you were holding my shoes, weren’t you?”

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In another post, Lesley shared a photo of herself with Beador in which the two gushed about their trip to Las Vegas in the comment section.

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Then, when Leslie posted a photo that had the caption, “Keep the soul lit,” David commented. “Once we dig deep enough and THORW AWAY THE CRAP (PAST) that’s in our way to understand our soul, you definitely need to keep it lit. Best with an amazing partner.”

Then, Leslie defended her relationship with Beador and shut down the haters during a recent Instagram post. “This is not a forum to talk about RHOC,” Lesley Cook posted on Instagram. “With all the hate in the world and violence… let’s inspire one another to live happy & healthy lives. We only get this one chance. Everyone deserve to be happy & find peace.”

Her photo included a quote: “Don’t worry about the people who aren’t happy for you. They probably aren’t happy for themselves either.”

David has been dating much younger single mom Lesley since at least December, just three months after married couple of 17 years Shannon and David announced their separation.

A source revealed Shannon is “hurt” and “confused” by her estranged husband’s rebound relationship, according Radar Online.

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