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Sally Bloomfield Denies Using A Racial Slur Against Gina Liano; Says RHOMelbourne Producers Have No Recording Of It Ever Taking Place!

The drama between Gina Liano and Sally Bloomfield continues. If you recall last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Gina Liano claimed that Bloomfield used a racial slur against her by calling her a "wog bitch."

A claim that Bloomfield has denied of ever saying it. Now, during a recent interview, the former Harper's Bazaar editor opens up about topic and her feud with Liano. Sally has suggested that the 'upsetting' allegation is a lie, and that producers from the Foxtel hit reality series have no record of it ever taking place.

"Production have nothing on audio and we had microphones on the whole time," she told The Daily Telegraph.

If you recall from last week's episode while the ladies were in a trip, Sally and Gina went head-to-head during their final dinner in Mexico.

"You annihilate people on a daily basis," Sally told Gina.

"Listen to you, you called me a wog b**h,' Gina hit back, her claim causing the other housewives' jaws to drop in shock.

"What the f***,' Jackie said, while Janet leapt to Sally's defense, accusing Gina of lying.

"It's f**king bulls**t," Janet said. "You made it up to stab her, no she doesn't speak like that."

Sally also denied she had used the racial slur, arguing that Gina had been 'back into a corner' when she made the claim.

"You've come out with anything you can muster - that I'm a racist," she hit back.

Gina was having none of her co-stars claims she had made it up, announcing her departure from the dinner.

"You f**king said it ... I'm sick of it. I'm going and I'm never coming back, I'm out," she walked away from the dinner table.

"Don't play the victim card," Janet retorted at a departing Gina, to which the glamours barrister replied: "I'm the f**king queen - f**k you."

Transcript courtesy via The Daily Mail Australia.

Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph