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RHONY’s Colombian Boat Trip From Hell Ends With Vomit And Fire!

According to a new report, the cast members for The Real Housewives of New York City found themselves on a “boat ride from hell” during their luxurious trip in Cartagena, Colombia, which left them “crying out for their lives” when the ship’s engine caught fire and the vessel started sinking.

A source close to production says the ladies were expecting “a sun-soaked cruise on a 5-star yacht.” However, the received the opposite.

“The boat was old, beaten up and falling apart,” the insider told PEOPLE. “There were no amenities, no food, and a crew that didn’t know what they were doing. I mean, the anchor had to be sawed off before they even departed because it was so rusty and tangled. That’s how bad this was!”

They didn’t want to board the ship initially, “complaining right off the bat.” But production “pushed them to continue because they knew it would make good TV.”

“Ramona and Sonja did their usual [complaining],” the source says. “Carole, Dorinda, Luann, and Bethenny tried to have fun with it, as they have with a lot of the sub-par conditions they’ve experienced in Colombia, and just enjoy the ride. But even they changed their tune in the end.”

Things got worse when the boat finally left the dock. Turbulent seas caused several people to get sick. And when the boat’s engine caught on fire, the reality stars were left terrified.

“It was a disaster,” the source told PEOPLE. “The vessel was so shaky and the waters so rocky that the women got really sick. Things began flying off the boat. The engine caught on fire. None of the crew spoke English. None of the women felt safe. Carole and Tinsley got sick and were throwing up overboard. The others were all screaming for help. They were all scared out of the minds. They thought they were going to die out there.”

A second source close to the cast calls it “the boat ride from hell,” telling the publication, “these women survived a horror show.”

“They were soaked to the bone, scared s——-, and sick by the end,” the insider explains. “They were crying out for their lives. When the ship caught on fire, they thought it was over.”

Eventually, a second boat came and recused them and the women were able to continue on with their vacation, but “the experience really ruined the rest of the trip,” the production source says. “The whole thing was a mess.”

“If anything the experience brought them together,” the cast source adds. “Any feuds that have been carrying through the season were thrown aside. They’re furious with production for putting them in that situation to begin with.”

Meanwhile, Page Six reports that the ladies were all so traumatized by the experience that Bravo has offered them counseling.

Meanwhile, PEOPLE reports that Bravo is investigating the incident.

"The Real Housewives of New York cast was recently on a boat in South America and encountered turbulent water. Thankfully, everyone is fine and was able to continue their vacation as planned," a Bravo spokesperson told E! News in a statement. "The safety of our cast and crew is paramount and, to that end, we are doing a full investigation."

Photo Credit: Bravo