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RHOMelbourne Season 4 Finale Recap: The Great Divide [Episode 11]

by: Grant Ashley
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and they do not reflect in any way those of

It’s the season finale!!! What a ride we’ve been on over the past 11 weeks, I want to thank you all for reading my recaps and hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

This week, we kicked off by joining Jackie and Sally at Bodhi & Ride, a spin class with a difference in Port Melbourne. The set up is like being in a club and the girls definitely work up a sweat, Sally clearly unfit but Jackie having a great time. The girls leave there and call Janet, the topic of conversation being Gina’s questioning of Janet’s sobriety – where did this one come from, I didn’t know Janet had a drinking problem!!!

Next, we head over to Gina’s house where she’s having a bite to eat with Lydia and discussing the drama that unfolded at Venus’ daughter’s party last week. Venus then joins them at the dining table and they bring up the “nasty old cow” Janet giving Gina’s gift to Venus’ daughter and how Janet didn’t think it was the wrong thing to do. Venus let’s Gina know that Janet also said to she thinks Gina is the puppet master and Venus is her lackey. Lydia brings up having a final dinner and her cooking up a storm in Lydia’s Kitchen – Gina assures the girls that she’ll have plenty to say if she turns up to that!

Gamble is full gung ho about the song she’s has written for Rick, and we see her rehearsing it at the theatre just before he turns up. She puts a blindfold on him and walks him to the centre of the theatre and sits him down – it really is sweet of her to go to all this effort to surprise him! The curtain goes up and Rick is in utter shock with a big smile on his face, Gamble then turns around and starts singing – I don’t think there’s any backing track here!!!  Rick’s very proud of her, all the effort she went to and how far she’s come since losing her hearing.

After seeing Venus and James reeling off a list of all the cars they have, and the McLaren that she really wants, we take a more sombre turn and join Sally at Freshwater Creek, her cousin’s home. This is the place where Sally’s husband passed away and she’s come to scatter some of his ashes – it’s rare to see this side of Sally, not all caught up in drama, it’s like a completely different person. 

Next up, Lydia is going through the final dinner menu with her mum – it’s the same food that she’ll be making at her cooking classes. Talk turns (yet again) to the séance at Gamble’s house, Lydia saying that she doesn’t believe any of it. She goes on to talk to her mum about all the drama from this season, how the group is divided into two camps, with accusations being thrown back and forth between the groups.

The table setting for the dinner is really pretty and beautiful, and Jackie and Janet are first to arrive – cue awkward silence, these two women hate Lydia! Lydia explains to them what the night is all about, then Gamble and Sally arrive. Jackie is quick to start the bitchiness, telling Lydia “I think it’s great you got a job.” Lydia angrily responds that she’s “always had a job being a mother” – seriously, Jackie just can’t say anything positive to her!

Gina and Venus are the last to arrive and Lydia gives them all a gift. I guess it must be the thing to do in the Housewives franchise, as it’s in Evil Eye bracelet. Lydia goes on to almost roast each of the girls, all fun with a bit of shade on the side! Venus decides to go after Janet, suggesting that she should act more wisely given her advancing years…Janet casts a low blow in return, saying that Venus is fatter than her and wears a wig! Not sure this elder deserves any respect…  Sally decides to bring up ‘wog bitch’ again with Gina, denying ever saying it – this is the nasty side of Sally. Despite Sally’s assertions to the opposite, Gina doesn’t retaliate and just listen’s to Sally carrying on about how awful Gina is. Yet again, it’s ‘bully, bully, bully, bully’ – this word is sooooo overused, I think they’ve all said it about everyone else!  That said, the whole dinner really wasn’t as drama-filled as we all expected it to be – maybe a director’s cut in store?!?

Let’s hope it all comes out for the reunion next week – who’s excited?!?!  I can’t wait!

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