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RHOMelbourne Recap: Season Four Reunion [Episode 12]

by: Grant Ashley
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and they do not reflect in any way those of

It’s time for the 90 minutes special to close out season 4…and what a 90 minutes it was! I just don’t know where to begin, there was so much arguing back and forth, a walk out, the C word and an awesome set up for season 5.

Are you ready???

Alex Perry kicks off by asking how everyone has been since filming ended, then poses a simple question to Lydia on whether she had tipped the guy who held her umbrella in Mexico. She answers “absolutely” and BOOM, straight away, Jackie jumps in saying that Lydia didn’t tip and that Jackie herself had tipped him out of her own pocket.  Discussion turns to a topic that wasn’t actually shown on screen during the season, but Venus and Gamble had gotten into a social media fight about a pic Venus had a posted on Insta which was her face on Jennifer Aniston’s body. Venus was using the pic to show off her lipstick before the real product photo came out, but Gamble’s son had called out that the pic wasn’t all Venus! Venus then decided to start on Gamble’s son, saying that he was on drugs, but things quickly ended with everyone agreeing that children are off limits, much like the other franchises.

At the start of this season, WEIGHT seemed to be on everyone lips. I’m guessing it’s because the group don’t actually hang out once filming is over, so they were surprised to see Gamble looking so skinny – first to bring it up was Jackie, then Gina. This led to an argument about how the girls were showing Gina in a negative light as she took all the heat on the topic, and Jackie’s comment went unnoticed. Flashback then to #fatshaming, we see Janet bring up that Lydia has put on weight and all the insults she threw at Lydia the whole season; Lydia defended herself saying she is happy and confident in herself, and that is she wanted to lose weight, she would. Alex asks Janet if she thinks Lydia is beautiful – she replies yes and then denies ever mentioning Lydia’s weight, typical Janet behaviour never owning what she says.

We get a look back at newbie Venus and the drama that unfolded with her this season, all the insults thrown at her – Gamble constantly having a go at her looks, Janet’s thoughts on her plastic surgery (including false claims of rib removal, actually just a waist trainer) and Sally saying her hair looks like a wig (actually just extensions). Venus clears everything up by telling the group about all the work she’s had done, leading Janet and Gamble to reveal all the procedures they’ve undergone.

Business has been a big theme too this season, with the ladies all growing their empires. Gina’s foray into fragrances and fake tan, not forgetting the legal sideline, Sally opening a hotel in Bali and launching an accessories line, Janet’s award-winning tea range, a cosmetics line from Venus and the amazing cooking classes which Lydia hosts at her own home. Gamble was notably absent from the ventures this year, as was Jackie…oh, wait, there was the Shine It Up tour, how did I forget about that?!? Back on the couch, Jackie attacks Lydia on how she doesn’t actually do any of the cooking at her classes and has never worked a day in her life – Lydia really sticks up for herself, saying that her previous husband wanted her to focus on raising their children, and they were fortunate enough to be able to do that. Jackie thinks she should be independent and have a proper job, comparing it to herself where she has had to work since the age of 13.

Gamble and BFF Gina had a rough time this season, with it all stemming back to how Gina left early on the eve of Gamble’s wedding night to celebrate her son’s birthday. Clearly Gamble hasn’t been able to move on from this – cue reaction from the couch, Gamble calls Gina a bully for telling her to shut up in Mexico, Gina says she was talking too loud in her ear and that was the only way to get her to be quiet.  Sally brings up Gina’s magazine column, saying that it’s weird that it’s has Gina’s name on it, but she doesn’t actually write it and it’s more of an interview made into a column.

Janet storms off and Jackie runs after her to get a break from Gina. Back on the couch, Sally and Gina get into an argument about the way Sally makes very final comments about everything. Gina reminds her of a VERY low blow she made in a confessional, saying that Gina has no integrity as a mother or a woman – Sally insists she doesn’t remember saying it, but cue the clip, yes she did!

‘Gold-digger’, the word Gina didn’t use to describe Gamble and Rick’s marriage, but that was the message that got relayed back to Gamble her Jackie and Janet. Gina was just being honest, saying none of the girls would marry a ‘schlep’ and despite Gamble’s mumbled defence, she only managed to dig herself deeper and deeper into a hole.

Alex puts Jackie on the spot about saying she wouldn’t return next season if Venus was still on the show.  Jackie squirms and then says that she wouldn’t be on the show if it was fake and Janet says that forming a relationship with any new friend should basically be open to anything she can dig up on them!

The big secret of the season was what Lydia knows about Jackie and Janet’s relationship. Lydia hasn’t talked about it, knowing it could do some real damage, destroying their friendship completely. Alex pushes Lydia to tell the group, but she refuses and wants Janet to ‘fess up to Jackie about what it is that Lydia knows. Janet defends herself saying it’s nothing as big as Lydia is making it out to be – so that means there is something that needs to be said right?!

The spotlight moves to Sally and Gina and a clip of all the insults they have traded during the season, including the infamous ‘wog bitch’! Gina refused to be drawn on the situation, apparently taking the high road and agreeing with everything Sally has said about her. Sally again denies that she ever said ‘wog bitch’, starting a big argument between Jackie and Gina. The C word gets thrown around by Gina and Sally, then Sally admits that the reason she joined the cast was to take Gina down! Gina goes fully off and Jackie tries to calm her down, but Sally enjoys seeing Gina rant off with all insults in the world.

The season comes to a close with some attempts at conciliation – Janet and Gina lay it all out and admit that their friendship was strained this year, but that despite fighting from time to time, they’ve been friends for over 20 years and will always come together and back each other. Somewhat out of the blue, Sally and Gina then apologise to each other, saying they had always assumed the worst of each other since Sally called Gina a bully.

And that’s a wrap! What a crazy ride of a season, I hope my American readers have enjoyed reading what they will get to enjoy in this summer – fingers crossed! It’s been a pleasure getting this recap out for you all to read, stick around for more next season!

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