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RHOMelbourne Recap: Getting Into The Spirit [Episode 9]

by: Grant Ashley
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and they do not reflect in any way those of

And we’re back in Melbourne! What an epic trip the ladies had in Mexico, so much happened, but I’m happy they are back on home soil.

This week’s episode kicks off in Albert Park, ever-glamorous Gina joined by ever-fabulous Lydia at a neat café called Greenfields, where they enjoy a little catch up. Conversation first turns to how happy their dogs, Mr Figaro and Noodles, were to see them on their return from Mexico, but it’s not long before talk turns to Sally!  Gina enjoys a laugh over Sally’s claim to the new hashtag #newsheriffinrhomtown, but soon gets angry over Sally’s denying that she called her a ‘wog bitch’ and that the girls are calling Gina a liar. Lydia asks where she’s going to go with the whole situation with Gina replying that she just isn’t going to engage in talking to her.

Up next, we catch Sally at her home with Janet and Jackie, who haven’t seen each other since Mexico - they pop a bottle of champers and get into the gossip. Of course, the topic is Gina, how bossy she is becoming and how she treats Lydia and Venus. Sally seems particularly upset with this, but why she cares so much is a mystery. Jackie brings up her own tumultuous relationship with Gina, saying that she doesn’t believe Sally said ‘wog bitch’ at the table, and telling her not to worry about it, it’s time to move on. Let’s hope that everyone does just that!

Jackie moves on to talk about her upcoming ‘Shine It Up’ tour – stand by for some disasters here, it’s all gut feel and help from angels…  We see the trial run for the show, Jackie and her husband are joined backstage by her mum, Lana, who is playing the encouraging parent!  It’s revealed that they are working on having a baby, even taking a pregnancy test before heading off to Mexico, and discover that Jackie will be getting the Key to her home town, the City of Newcastle. The show starts, with Janet, Venus and Sally in the audience with around 300 others – it’s a rough show from the start, mics not working and Jackie randomly dancing through the audience, before stepping through seeing her first angel and how that led to where she is now.

We’re at Lydia’s home where she and her two interns - Fatma and Rob - are preparing for the first Lydia’s Kitchen cooking class. Described as both a ‘food fest’ and ‘like having an orgy of food’, Gina arrives hoping not to leave 5kg heavier…HAHA, and then Aladdin star Michael turns up at the door, who let that genie out of the bottle?! Lydia starts cooking, talking through the concept where she will demonstrate whilst the guests watch and learn. The end result certainly looks amazing and the guests are all positive…where do I get an invite to one of these classes?!

Following on from Venus’ earlier photoshoot for her cosmetics line, we catch up with her masterclass, having invited some of the girls over and requesting that they come without make-up on. Gina arrives, no prizes for guessing that she’s fully made up! Jackie and Gamble turn up free of make-up, although for a minute there, I thought I was watching an ad for the World Wildlife Federation, those were some panda eyes!

Everyone gets into the class, Venus kicking off by revealing her lack of self-confidence in her looks. She shows the group a photo of her just after having her second child, and before her breast augmentation – she certainly looks different now. Make-up artist Christina then demonstrates contouring on Venus, before Venus does Jackie and Gamble’s make-up. During the conversation, Gamble says that she still thinks her house is haunted, and that she wants to have a séance. The girls don’t react well, Jackie insisting that you shouldn’t play around with that, likening it to the movie “The Conjuring.”

We move to the CBD and catch up with Gamble, Jackie and Janet as they enjoy some lunch at No 35 in the Sofitel. Janet talks about her relationship with Sam, and Jackie tells her that Gina had been talking about Janet’s magazine article at Venus’ masterclass. Jackie implies that Lydia was also talking about the article, but Janet quickly changes the conversation to tell Jackie that Lydia has been talking about her around Toorak, and that she had been close to apologising to Lydia before she heard this.

Janet and Venus head over to Gamble’s house for the séance, Gamble wondering why Lydia hasn’t shown up. Venus says it’s because Lydia doesn’t want to be involved in what they’re doing, but Gamble insists it’s because Gina has told her not to go – just not true. Janet sparks up about Lydia spreading the rumours that she and her boyfriend had broken up, and that Lydia doesn’t want to see Janet happy – seems like a load of crap to me, Janet needs to take that knife out of Lydia’s back, we never see Lydia talking about Janet ever!

A professional medium knocks at the door, Driff, who lets us know she’s being doing this for 15 years and had her first experience at 5 years old. The girls settle around a Ouija board and Gamble asks the spirit to leave the house.  Not really sure of what happens next, there’s lots of letters called out on the board and it all gets a bit spooky – is it real, who knows!

Next week, it’s the Newcastle key ceremony for Jackie and Gamble hits the recording studio...see you then!

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