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Kyle Richards: “Lisa Didn’t Like That Dorit And I Were Having A Moment, And She Felt Excluded”

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards talks about getting emotional during her dinner meeting with Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsely and talks about confronting LVP at Teddi's beach house.

Kyle writes:

"Lisa, Dorit and I meet at Palihouse the day after PK’s party.

When we first sat down Lisa mentioned the lawsuit that she had been hit with had been dropped. I had purposely not talked about the lawsuit out of respect to Lisa. Yes, it was on TMZ and other outlets, but that doesn’t mean we want to talk about it and give it more attention. I was very happy to hear that it had been dropped, and both Dorit and I both expressed that. I love Lisa and Ken and was happy to know that that weight had been lifted off their shoulders. We talked about it for a while and talked about not wanting negativity in our lives then cheered to it being dropped.

I was a little taken aback when Dorit snapped at me the night before at PK’s party for defending Teddi. I understand that I’ve known Dorit longer, however, I think that’s irrelevant. Dorit clearly had Lisa in her corner, and I felt bad for Teddi. I felt like they were struggling to understand each other. I love Dorit, so when she snapped at me and asked if I was Teddi’s mouthpiece, I shrugged it off. Dorit and I always laugh and have fun. So instead of getting upset with her about her comment, I tried to make light of it.

When it came up at Palihouse, I was clearly getting frustrated. I couldn’t understand how Dorit and Lisa couldn’t get what I was trying to convey. Between last night’s tiff on the boat and the conversation I was TRYING to have with them, it seemed to me like they had made a pact to stick together no matter what. THAT is what I meant when I got tearful and frustrated and said, “It seems like you guys just planned this.” I was not very articulate in expressing myself. I am very sensitive and get emotional. Not the best trait when you’re trying to explain your feelings. But it felt like no matter what I said they were not going to hear me and would stick together no matter what. So when Dorit said, “I just Love Lisa more than you,” I was done. I mean, why continue talking if it’s going to be pointless?

As soon as I started to cry, I wanted to crawl into a hole. Ugh. Dorit immediately came to sit next to me. We started to talk through what had clearly been bothering both of us: the ‘incident’ from the night before. And I was happy to be talking about it and to know we were still ok because the arguing back and forth was really getting to me.

We were talking through things AND making progress when Lisa suddenly jumped up and said she was done. I honestly was shocked. Dorit and I both followed her out and tried to get her to stay. From her comment, “I’m going home to my husband who wants to spend time with me, which clearly you two don’t,” it was clear that she was upset that Dorit and I were having a moment. As Lisa drove off, Dorit and I were dumbfounded. Our jaws literally dropped. What grade are we in? It was stupid that I cried and it was stupid that Lisa left.

When Dorit and I got back to the table, we were not happy with Lisa. Her storming off seemed totally unjustified. Dorit and I expressed our frustration and I couldn’t help but think that Lisa wouldn’t have stormed off if Dorit had been the one upset.

We all head to Teddi’s beach house. Yes, Dorit was late meeting at my house, but to be fair, her driver was lost. He clearly did not know his way around LA.

While watching Lisa V drive down to Teddi’s beach house with Erika, I am perplexed as to how she can forget that we discussed and toasted to her lawsuit being dropped. She’s clearly still upset about the other night. But not for the reasons she’s saying.

We all arrive to Teddi’s, and I am actually excited for a girls trip. I’ve brought food to cook and am ready for a slumber party!

Lisa starts in almost immediately about the dinner at the Palihouse.

Well, I did not want the arrival to go like this, but since it is, I am going to be honest. I think that if you’re good friends with someone you should be able to be honest. And I truly felt that Lisa didn’t like that Dorit and I were having a moment, and she felt excluded as silly as it seems. She said it herself. She said we didn’t want to spend time with her and Ken would want to.

We end up talking through it. Not always easy to do, but Lisa and I are good friends and I value our friendship."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo