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Janet Roach Dishes On Her Issues With Gina Liano And Lydia Schiavello And Claims RHOMelbourne Season 4 Reunion Drama Left Her In ‘Shock For Two Days’ Due To The Things That Were Said!

Janet Roach is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Janet Roach dishes on her on-going issues with co-stars Gina Liano and Lydia Schiavello and teases RHOMelbourne Season 4 reunion drama.

Janet writes:

"The issue between Gina and I came up when she backed up Lydia’s story that I had said things about Jackie behind Jackie’s back at the infamous lunch we had. Firstly, there were 5 of us at that lunch. I had my sister and a girlfriend Yvette there. Lydia and Gina say they were so mortified and distressed for Jackie. If that’s so, why did they wait 5 months to say anything. Those two just make up stories.

Gina speaks openly off camera about her tactics.

Tactic One.  To build a case against someone, mention it at least once, (more if possible) on every episode. She did that to me this season. She and Lydia decided to attack me about drinking too much.

Tactic Two. Ice out. If you refuse to enter into a conversation with someone repeatedly it makes it impossible for them to make their point and diminishes their airtime and their argument.

I have no idea what happened to Venus on this episode. I had seen her three times that week and she was saying how much she wanted to have a good friendship with me, how much she liked and admired me.  At Lydia’s dinner she just went off for no reason. I was completely taken by surprise. It was an unprovoked attack and I am at a loss to know why. I am wary of Venus. None of her stories add up to me.

Reunion will set a lot of things straight.

For the record, I apologised for calling Lydia fat. I called her fat in 2015 once. I asked her in that last Reunion about the rumours she was spreading and she refused to answer, I lost my temper. She knew why I called her fat and she accepted my apology. Lydia bought it up again to get sympathy.

I am not a fan of Lydia’s.

Lydia uses Gina’s tactic and continually carries on about my age. I call that “age shaming”. It is just as bad as weight shaming.

Please tune in to next week’s Reunion. I have NEVER heard one woman speak to another woman so badly in my life. A particular rant went on for 25 minutes. I am sure you will not be subjected to the whole rant as we were. I was in shock for two days. The things that were said would never even enter my head."

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Source/Photo Credit: Arena, Foxtel