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Janet Roach Admits She ‘Was Drinking Too Much’ On RHOMelbourne; Says “This Was Actually My Worst Season!”

Janet Roach gets candid during a recent interview about the hardship of mourning the loss of her late father's passing. The Real Housewives of Melbourne star reveals the hidden torment she endured while filming the reality show's latest season.

Roach found out her father Bevan had inoperable cancer and only three months to live. Sadly, he died in October 2017, soon after they finished filming the show's fourth season.

"This was actually my worst season," Roach tells TV Week. "I was absolutely distraught. And I didn't want to talk about my dad as a storyline, as my mother would have had kittens."

While she didn't want to discuss it at the time, she reveals the show's producers knew what she was going through.

"They were amazing," she says. "At the end, I collapsed in a heap and was very teary. I was very sensitive."

While some of her co-stars, in specifically Gina Liano and ally Lydia Schiavello accused her of drinking to much this season, which she agrees.

Janet admits she used alcohol as a coping mechanism when she was finding things difficult.

"The girls were giving me grief for drinking too much," she explains. "And the truth is, I was drinking too much.

"I really was self-medicating – I just wasn't coping at all. But things are looking up now. My life has done a turnaround."

Photo Credit: Bravo