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Gina Liano Wants RHOMelbourne Producers To Choose Between Her Or Sally Bloomfield After Claiming That Sally Revealed At Reunion Taping That She Only Came After Her To ‘Take Me Down’; Lydia Schaivello Says ‘Sally Won’t Be Back’ Because ‘She’s Another Susie!’

The drama between Gina Liano and Sally Bloomfield continues. As you may recall, the two butted heads while the ladies were in a cast trip in Mexico for the current season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Bloomfield accused Liano of being a bully, while the glamours barrister claimed that the former Harper's Bazaar editor used a racial slur against her by calling her a "wog" bitch, which Bloomfield continuously denies.

Liano recently took to social media and revealed that Sally allegedly revealed during the show's upcoming reunion special, which was filmed a few weeks back that she joined the show to "take me down."

"Sally reveals at the reunion that she's on the show to "take me down" so I'm not willing to work with that," she tweeted. "She's broken the code of our dysfunctional sisterhood."

She added: "We don't do that to each other or call each other bullies or wog bitch xxx producers will need to chose xxx."

Meanwhile, Lydia Schiavello has continued to come to Liano's defense as Janet Roach and Jackie Gillies has stood by Bloomfield's side. Schiavello addressed a fan tweet and shaded Sally by comparing her future fate on the show to former cast member Susie McLean.

"Sally won't be back she's another Susie," Lydia tweeted.

Sally has suggested that the 'upsetting' allegation is a lie, and that producers from the Foxtel hit reality series have no record of it ever taking place.

"Production have nothing on audio and we had microphones on the whole time," she told The Daily Telegraph.

Sally has remained silent on social media. On her last tweet, Bloomfield tweeted on January 27: "Hi everyone, sorry have been spending time with my boys in NZ and trying to ignore some of the negativity.. both Janet and Gina lost their fathers last year and I lost my husband.. can we be a little kinder to each other.. Let's get some perspective here..."

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Foxtel