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Gamble Breaux Says She Didn’t Mean To ‘Upset’ Venus Behbahani-Clark At Her Daughter’s Birthday And Thinks Gina Liano’s Behavior Towards Sally Bloomfield Is ‘Hideous!’

Gamble Breaux is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Gamble Breaux opens up about recording a song for her husband and weighs in on all of her co-stars' drama.

Gamble writes:

"Together We Stand, Divided We Brawl

The girls have split into two groups. Gina, Lydia and Venus v Janet, Jackie, Sally and me.

Janet and I like to call the divide: The light and the dark side. This has nothing to do with the excessive use of self-tan by the dark side. The definition to us is the good and the bad girls although none of the girls are really bad.  At least I hope not. We probably resemble school girls who have repeated year seven forty times.

I would have made up with Gina ages ago. The hardest part for me is that is that her behaviour towards Sally is so hideous it would be immoral for me to do so. I feel Sally took a bullet for me in Mexico. Gina’s focus shifted from me to her with one sentence. Sally simply said. “let her speak, you’re being a bully”. The raft of a pissed off Liano is no fun at all. Let’s face it. Sally is far more fun to hang out with anyway.

I’m having a great time with my new crew. Janet is hilarious. I can tell Gina isn’t exactly over the moon with her group. Her social climbing newbie mate and sycophant damage control old mate can’t make for the most balanced company. Sucked in Gina is all I can say. You made your bed now you can have insomnia in it. My empathy went out the window with the wedding photos she featured in.

My life’s direction took a massive detour when I was a young woman. My singing career was going well. I was a signed Singer/Songwriter with Warner Chapel Music. I had plenty of studio time under my belt and I wasn’t even twenty yet.  It came as quite a shock when I lost my hearing. It was due to otosclerosis. Although I had the surgery and fixed the condition. I never fully trusted my hearing until now. If you can’t hear, you can’t pitch. It broke my heart. I haven’t been able to speak about it until now. Rick organised the most amazing boost to my hearing. I feel so confident now I have started taking secret singing lessons. I sneak out once a week to meet up with Carolyn Waddell, who is better known in the theatre set as Cal. No one really knows how happy and excited I am. I have been quietly plotting my anniversary present for a year now. Rick loves live music, so much so he hired Jason Singh to play at Luke’s twenty-first. Rick has tried to get me up on stage to sing with all matter of bands since I met him.  Literally every time a band is in our general vicinity. No matter the calibre of said band, Rick thinks it’s time for the Gamble Breaux (enter said bands name) comeback tour.  To the musician’s relief I have always said no. Not this time, I asked Jason to help me. To my relief he agreed and wrote the most amazing song for me to sing to my husband. It’s called This Time. I cry almost every time I try to sing it. It has given me new life. Jason Singh and Lukether Batterbury are the most brilliant producers.

I’m happy to say the song will come out on Valentine’s Day. The same night I sing the song to my husband for the first time.  It’s available for pre-order on iTunes  I can see us now at the music awards. “Thank you everybody!” “Tonight I am wearing Pink in support of all the men  I have sexually harassed”

I only open my mouth to put my foot back into it. I didn’t mean to upset Venus at her daughter’s birthday.

Her little girl is so pretty I was just trying to say: if this is what you looked like before surgery…Anyway. I’m never going to a kid’s party again. Mostly because I won’t be invited."

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Wednesday nights at 8:30pm on Arena! For International TV Listings, click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Arena