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Dawn Ward Reportedly Storms Out Of Party To Avoid Leanne Brown!

Looks like the feud between former besties Dawn Ward and Leanne Brown continues. It's been reported that the two Real Housewives of Cheshire stars almost came face to face as they partied in Alderely Edge. While Wardy was busy partying the night away with other celebrities, Leanne was launching her charity clothing line just right around the corner.

Rumor has it that Leanne was going to pop in and see her friends, who were also at the birthday bash – causing Dawn to allegedly storm out of the event fuming.

“Dawn was at a birthday party at Piccolino in Alderley Edge. But Leanne was in a bar around the corner launching her charity clothing line with Tanya Bardsley and Ester Dee,” a source told The Sun.

“The talk at the party was that Leanne was going to pop in to see friends. Dawn looked absolutely furious and stormed out of the party and went out the restaurant to avoid her.”

The source continued: "Leanne didn't even turn up in the end  - she went off to a different restaurant with Ester and Tanya to avoid any drama.

“The last thing either of them wants is to run into each other in public, now the row is out in the open. Everyone would be staring - that's why Dawn left the party as soon as she heard.”

As previously reported, Leanne confirmed that she was leaving the ITVBe reality show, claiming that part of her decision was to focus more on her family and charity work.

“It was really difficult making the decision to leave, I loved my time on the show, and I never say never about going back, but with things as they are I won’t be going back, it’s just too difficult, It was affecting me and my family," she told Manchester Evening News.

“At the end of the last series it got too hard, it wasn’t fun for me anymore. Stuff outside of the show wasn’t being shown which was frustrating.”

She continued: “Outside of the show I can distance myself to an extent, it’s still going back and forth between lawyers, it’s heartbreaking.”

Leanne also admitted that another part of her decision to quit RHOCheshire was to avoid Ward due to their ongoing legal drama.

“I just couldn’t be in her space, or talk about what she’s saying any more in the show,” she explained. “I had to stand back and I realised the full truth would never get put out there.”

If you may recall, Leanne Brown and former bestie Dawn Ward allegedly have been feuding for the past two seasons due to an unpaid load. As previously reported, Ward and Brown have been feuding over an unpaid £500,000 loan, which played out during Season 5 and 6.

The feud began when Leanne and her ex-Man United hubby Wes lent t£500,000 to interior designer Dawn four years ago. But they were said to be furious that nothing has been repaid and feel she taken advantage of their kindness and has no intention of giving it back, reports The Sun.

The publication claimed that the couple hit Dawn with a legal letter threatening legal action.

“Filming has been really hard because they don’t want to be near each other,” a source close to production told the publication at that time. “They’re even avoiding going to the same events in case they bump into one another. Leanne feels deeply hurt and betrayed, while Dawn is reeling that their rift was splashed all over the national press.”

Despite the drama, Leanne reveals she has no regrets about being part of the show.

“It has given me a platform, and the space to find myself, it wasn’t all bad. But looking back, I can see that doing that show, it’s been such a journey for me from start to finish, moving away from Dawn has allowed me to become who I am and stand on my own two feet. And just be my own person and do my own thing. It has been quite inspiring to me to find how strong I can really be.”

“When I was filming I was becoming a different person - I was getting upset talking about it, and the frustration that the truth was never 100 per cent out there, that’s down to legal reasons and I can’t get away from that.”

Tanya Bardsley confirmed earlier this month that the reality show is set to return in March for Season 7. When Bardsley shared a post of the new season of Dinner Date, which is a Valentine's Day edition.

A fan asked her when the new season of RHOCheshire would return, which Tanya replied:  "It starts again in March lovely."

When a fan asked here if she knew the exact date of when in March the series would return, Tanya replied: "I'm not sure hun."

Last month, Ester Dee took to Instagram to confirm her return to the show and revealed that she was in fact filming scenes for the new upcoming seventh season for the ITVBe hit reality series.

"Ready for my first filming of the year," she wrote, along with the hashtags, "rhocheshire #iamback #czechgirl #season7"

As previously reported, The Real Housewives of Cheshire was officially renewed for Season 7. It was announced during the reunion special for Season 6 that the network will bring back the sassy reality show for a seventh season in 2018.

The network confirmed the news with fans on social media. "Mourning the loss of #RHOCheshire? Never fear, we'll be back soon with Season 7!," they wrote via their official Twitter page. "Make sure you're up to date with the heart breaks and BFFs with this handy little guide..."

Newcomer Nermina Pieters-Mekic also confirmed that the show will be back for a seventh season. although the ladies were remaining tight-lipped on the details. “We’ve had an amazing team that made this all happen. There will definitely be another series,” Nermina told Manchester Evening News.

The renewal came in no surprise after the series won the award for "Best Entertainment Programme" at the Royal Television Society Awards over the weekend.

Leanne, an original cast member joined the series when the show debuted on ITVBe in 2015, and was part of the series for three years, and a total of six seasons. The show airs two seasons per year.

Season 6 cast included Dawn Ward, Ester Dee, Leanne Brown, Lauren Simon, Nermina Pieters-Mekic, Rachel Lugo, Seema Malhotra, Stacey Forsey and Tanya Bardsley.

Photo Credit: ITVBe