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Bethenny Frankel Sets The Record Straight On Her Friendship With Jill Zarin!

During a recent interview, Bethenny Frankel addressed her relationship with former Real Housewives of New York City co-star Jill Zarin following Bobby Zarin's passing. Frankel reveals that the two started communicating near the end of Bobby’s long battle with cancer.

“I sent Bobby some of his favorite things months ago when I knew he was sick, and then I wasn't sure how to handle the funeral and the shiva,” Bethenny told Entertainment Tonight. “I wanted to sort of dip my foot in … I didn't want to intrude.”

“So, I went to the funeral, which was very emotional,” she adds. “I thought I would stay for 15 minutes. I ended up staying, I couldn't -- I didn't -- want to leave. I felt definitely part of it when I was there, and I, you know, definitely did know Bobby. I experience death in a very interesting way, because I don't have that much experience with it, so it was a very emotional week. And I think it was nice.”

“I didn't realize how many conversations Bobby and Jill had had about our situation,” Bethenny explains. “So, Jill sort of filled me in on that.”

“The first thing she had said to me was, 'Bobby was so proud of you. Bobby loved you,’” she adds. “And that [Jill said], ‘I kept asking him to fix it, fix it. Call her, you have to fix it.’ And Bobby said, 'I can't fix it for you, you have to learn your lesson.' So, I thought that was really evolved and interesting and surprising.”

Bethenny says Jill appears to be doing “OK” following Bobby’s death, noting that it was expected and not sudden. Still, the Skinnygirl mogul admits she doesn’t know everything that’s going on in Jill’s world.

“We’re not in each other’s lives in the same way,” Bethenny tells Entertainment Tonight, shutting down reports that she’s going so far as to bring Jill meals. “I wish her family the best.”

Photo Credit: Bravo