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Bethenny Frankel Gives An Update On Luann de Lesseps After Arrest And Rehab; Says Luann Is “The Most Resilient, Strong Woman I’ve Ever Met!”

While promoting her new Bravo reality show, Bethenny & Fredrik, Bethenny Frankel talked about how her Real Housewives of New York City co-star Luann de Lesseps is doing following her Palm Beach arrest and rehab stint.

“Luann’s great. I can’t say I’m surprised, because Luann is the most resilient, strong woman I’ve ever met, maybe,” Frankel said during Tuesday night's appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “You know, she hit the wall going 90. The way you handle something when something bad happens is really character building and it shows a lot about a person.”

“She’s taking care of herself. She’s taking it seriously. She’s not delusional about where she is. And she’s sort of on a path and she’s in a good place. She’s very honest about exactly where she is, about what happened, about what her goals are, and we spent time in a spa and honestly I’m impressed.”

Frankel then revealed in another interview how she recently caught up with the former Countess when she returned to NYC after completing 21 days of alcohol treatment.

"So, we had a lot of good conversations. We were at a spa together. She's back in New York now, which was another sort of emersion, but she's taking it day by day," Frankel told Entertainment Tonight late last month. "I would not want to be condescending and say that I was proud of her, but I was impressed. I am impressed."

"Luann's really a strong person. Before this, Luann [is] the most resilient person I know," said Frankel. "She just is one of these people that can take a hit and keep on going. But, she is very humble and she's introspective and a little bit spiritual. I definitely think she's reevaluating a lot of things in her life, which is amazing. You don't [know] when someone comes out how they're going to handle it and describe it."

Frankel then reveals if Luann was at all nervous about having her life filmed again for the Bravo hit reality series after returning from rehab.

“I don’t know if the cameras in particular are what Luann was nervous about,” Frankel told PEOPLE Now. “I think just coming back to New York, which is such a stimulating city… I think that Luann wants to just take care of herself like she was when she was away.”

Frankel also shares that she and de Lesseps went to a spa to do yoga and clear their heads before filming again.

“She’s been in the Hamptons for a bit, which is a good safe place for me and for her, we both feel like it’s our happy place,” says Frankel. “Coming back to New York, she wanted to set herself up for success.”

Frankel reveals that despite what has transpired between the two in the past, she supports her and has her back: “I wouldn’t bet against Luann.”

Frankel says this season of RHONY is described as “this collective group is evolving.”

Photo Credit: Bravo