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Shereé Whitfield: “When Kairo Turned The Dating Question On Me, I Was Very Caught Off-Guard”

Shereé Whitfield is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Shereé Whitfield reflects on her time in the "Elephant Room" and shares the reason she felt awkward about discussing her relationship with her son Kairo. What did you think of all the tea Kim was spilling at your dinner?

SW: Shereé Whitfield: LOL! We sat there for many hours, just talking and laughing. So much fun shade and tea was being served that night, and as I stated before, some of it was pretty juicy! What was going through your head when Kairo brought up your dating life?

SW: When Kairo turned the dating question on me, I was very caught off-guard. My dating life (or lack thereof) in the past has never really been a topic, so it was a little awkward in that moment. What did you think of Mbele the medium?

SW: I'm not convinced she’s a medium. Her energy was really bad, and I just find it hard to believe that someone from a higher power would carry themselves in the manner she did. Do you think anything was resolved at the "Elephant Room" event?

SW: Absolutely nothing was resolved in the "Elephant Room!”

I want to thank you all for the extreme amount of love and support! I hope you’ve been enjoying this season thus far! Stay tuned — there’s so much more to come!!!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo