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Shannon Beador’s Daughters Are Reportedly Taking Her Side In Messy Divorce From David!

While Shannon and David Beador are battling their divorce in court, it's been reported that their teen daughters have sided with their Real Housewives of Orange County mom. “David’s relationship with the girls is suffering greatly from the split,” a source revealed to Radar Online, adding that 16 year-old Sophie and 13-year-old twins Stella and Adaline “witnessed first-hand the way that he treated their mom and vowed to never let a man treat them the same way!”

“The girls know that David is going to have to pay for what he did and how he acted during the marriage,” continued the source. “In the meantime, they are continuing to do everything to be there for their mother so that she comes back fiercer than ever before!”

While the teens are supporting their mother, the source insisted Shannon “has done her best to not sway their opinion of their father.”

“On top of that, the girls have not had the same kind of relationship with their dad as they did with their mom because he was working all the time while they were growing up and rarely at home.”

As previously reported, the mother-of-three is requesting $25,000 to cover the cost of her attorneys, and in court documents filed on Dec. 4, Shannon claimed that David earned “more than five times” what she raked in as a reality housewife.

“David has far greater access to funds to pay attorney fees, and the amount of the award for which request is made is modest relative to David’s income,” she stated in the documents.

She also wants more cash to ensure her daughters have a stable future, the source claimed:

“Shannon believes that David should pay for all three of their daughters’ college tuition in full.”

The couple announced their separation in October after 17 years of marriage, with Shannon filing for divorce on December 1.

The pair has documented their ups and downs during their time on the Bravo hit reality series, including showing viewers how they managed to come back from David's affair, later renewing their vows in 2016. However, relations between the couple haven't been as smooth during the current season of RHOC and she has been open about the struggles they have faced as of late. They have been married for 17 years and together the couple are parents to three daughters: Adeline, Stella, and Sophie, who have also appeared on the show.

Photo Credit: Google Images