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Sally Bloomfield Opens Up About Her Heated Confrontation With Gina Liano!

Sally Bloomfield is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Sally Bloomfield dishes about her confrontation with Gina Liano in Mexico.

Sally writes:

"Hi guys, hope you are enjoying this season so far!

So excited to be going to Mexico!  I used to live in LA when I was 30 and always planned to go down there but never quite made it. It will be fun to be in one big house together and have some real time with the girls! Of course there is drama before we even take off with Venus bringing the wrong passport!! Pretty stupid mix up for such a supposed world traveller.

Anyway off we go and the mood is high and the flight was such fun!!  We arrive in Cabo and are driven to the villa, high up on a hill.  The view is absolutely amazing and on arrival Benny (and champagne) are waiting for us – so far so good!!!!

The first day I spend with Lydia and Gina by the pool…Lydia points up to some trees with coconuts and declares they are pineapples – I gently point out that they are indeed coconuts and she is pretty sure I am wrong – a bit like ‘right down your alley’ yeah, say no more. Gina of course sits by the pool and wouldn’t dare venture into the water in case her fake tan turned the water brown and her makeup ran. Anyway I felt her comments about Gamble were pretty disgusting and to be honest I was in shock at some of the things she said I went back to my room and digested what had been said and was kind of pissed off I hadn’t spoken up at the time.

That night at dinner I witnessed over and over her disregard towards Gamble, who quite clearly is no match for Gina and her insults. What is so clever about taking on someone who isn’t as strong as you?  Absolutely nothing that’s what! I honestly would have said the same thing to any of the girls if they had been treating someone else that way. Gina likes to think it was all planned, that I’ve been trying to bring her down but she shouldn’t flatter herself I really think about her at all. I simply called her out on her behavior and boy, oh boy, she didn’t like it she started threatening me bysaying how many ‘followers’ I was going to lose – as if I cared about that???? Basically it went downhill from there and she punishes me for the rest of the trip which says more about her than me to be honest.

I like to think I maintain my dignity and composure throughout, but a girl can only take so much.  You’d better keep tuning in every Wednesday to see where this all leads.

See you next time, love Sal xx"

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Source/Photo Credit: Arena, Foxtel