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RHOMelbourne Recap: Tequila Sunset [Episode 8]

by: Grant Ashley
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and they do not reflect in any way those of

Welcome back to sunny Mexico! We join the ladies on a catamaran, exploring the famous coastline of Cabo with the help of some local guides. It’s not long before the tequila comes out…all the girls get stuck in apart from Janet, most likely still suffering from last week’s injury, making do with a vodka cranberry instead! The tension between Gina and Sally is obvious and it’s not long before the two groups are throwing shade…

Next up, we meet the girls at Hotel California and the usual two groups form. The fabulous three, Lydia, Gina and Venus head out shopping, whilst the others head into the hotel and meet up with a tour guide, Memo.  The girls quickly pepper poor Memo with questions about the hotel and links to the song of the same name, but it’s clear that Memo really has no idea what they are going on about. Meanwhile, the fab 3 are walking around the old town, Gina quizzing Lydia on why she has a man carrying an umbrella for her.  Lydia explains it’s because she doesn’t have a hat to match her outfit – well, of course it is! Venus talks about her renewed friendship with Gamble, and it’s fair to say that Lydia and Gina are somewhat sceptical about it.  Gamble also brings up this topic with the other group, although this group seems more concerned with how Gina was acting during the whole situation, and that the apology didn’t seem genuine.

We join all the ladies at a restaurant, Jackie having rented the whole place so that they wouldn’t have any issues with being too loud, as they had earlier in the trip!  Jackie talks around how stressed Ben is about the business side of the trip and starts reminiscing about how long they’ve been together, how they dreamt the same dream the night they met.  Lydia then tells the story of how she met her first husband at just 16, marrying at 18 and how going through a divorce with 3 kids was the hardest thing she’s had to do – Lydia gets very emotional, it’s a really touching moment.

Janet tells of her first husband, her hairdresser, and how she thought she was set for life getting her hair done all the time!  Gamble confesses that she met Rick on eHarmony and decides that it’s a good time to resurrect the “Gina said I married Rick for money” saga. Sally starts to chime in, but Gina quickly shuts her down, telling her to stay out of it.  Gina goes on to say what most people wouldn’t dare too – none of them would be with a broke man, they all married for money – upsetting many of the group and the whole table erupts into argument.  Cut to Venus in a confessional saying that Sally is vying for attention, always commenting on everyone in a nasty way, when back at the table, Sally calls Venus short, Venus retorts with ‘dyke’ and it all descends into a petty, name-calling mess.

Change of pace as we see Jackie and Ben meet Roy, a distiller of tequila, and the discussion turns to shotting vs sipping the drink. They go on to sign a deal with Roy supplying the tequila for Jackie and Ben’s latest venture.

Does anyone think driving a golf cart and drinking at the same time is a good idea?!? Seems that Venus and Lydia did, and it’s certainly funny to see them drive up to the first tee!  The girls meet up with an instructor and the flirting starts in a big way. Clearly, the girls have no clue what to do with a golf club and the innuendo climbs to a new level – definitely the funniest scene in a long time.

To close the episode, we join all the ladies for their last dinner and the first topic of conversation is around tipping the staff they’ve had at the villa. In another lame attack on Lydia, Jackie and Janet have a go at her for not tipping the umbrella holder…Lydia insists that she did.  Talk turns to how the various feuding pairs seem to have made up – this doesn’t last too long though, with Sally questioning whether it’s all genuine…

We end with everyone being friends again…no, wait, not Sally and Gina! Gina brings up the “wog bitch” drama and the ladies are all in shock.  Sally completely denies it, saying that Gina has made it up, but Lydia insists she heard it too.  Sally then accuses Lydia and Gina of making it up together and the table generally back Sally up. An angry Gina questions the lack of loyalty from the group and leaves the table declaring “I’m the fucking queen!” Venus quickly follows, telling Gina that Sally did say it, and back at the table, Jackie also storms off after another argument with Lydia!

So, it’s adios to Mexico, next week the girls are all back in Melbourne and showing some true face...

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