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RHOMelbourne Recap: Tequila Sunrise [Episode 7]

by: Grant Ashley
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and they do not reflect in any way those of

We kicked off this week with Lydia packing for the big trip, talking with her mum about supporting Gina and being determined that the other girls won’t dictate what she does and doesn’t do.  Lydia has the right attitude – clear things up with Jackie and move on from it all…

Welcome to Mexico Los Cabos!!
The girls arrive at a stunning villa, with a view to match right on the edge of the water…seems like someone’s missing though and, yes, it’s Venus who left her passport at home!  Each of the ladies lay claim to a room and Jackie just can’t help but insist that she gets the best one.

Gina, Sally and Lydia spend the first day relaxing by the pool, drinks in hand, and talk turns to why Venus may have “forgot” her passport and how seriously Venus is taking herself. Sally is unhappy about Venus making problems with Gamble and how that is creating distance between the girls that are friends with both Gina and Gamble.  Meanwhile, Jackie, Gamble and Janet have gone off taco tasting – we’re talking real authentic street food, who doesn’t love tongue – and the talk here also turns to Venus and how she brought up Gamble sleeping around before her wedding.  Neat tie in as we switch back to the other girls by the pool, Gina insisting that Gamble married Rick for his money – safe to say, Sally was less than impressed with that comment!

As with any cast trip, it’s time to do some sightseeing – in the home of tequila, we follow Janet, Gamble and Jackie on a tasting session.  Plenty of different varieties to go round, plus who knew crickets go good with tequila?!

All the girls (excluding Venus of course) decide to head out for the first group dinner in a long time…get ready for some fireworks!  Janet and Jackie start whispering around the table and Gina calls them out on it. Jackie decides now is a good time to bring up the drama from Sally’s launch event – now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Jackie made Lydia promise not to bring it up and, obviously, Lydia then calls Jackie out on it straight away.

Janet goes on to ask Gina if she remembers what actually happened, cue Sally with the cheap shot to Gina, “you’re a lawyer, you’re meant to remember everything”.  And as the lawyer, Gina has a quick comeback, telling an offended Sally that “you’re a woman, you’re meant to be feminine”!

Jackie then goes on to say that she doesn’t want any more drama between Chyka and Janet, but isn’t sure what to believe anymore.  Never one to hold back, Gamble tries to put her two cents in, but is quickly shut off by Gina telling her to stay out of it.

Oh look, Venus is here…oh look, no one cares!

We switch to Janet in a confessional and this is where the truth comes out – if what Gina and Lydia are saying is true, then it would be VERY damaging for their relationship.  Back at the table, the girls look over to see Janet and Jackie in a full-on argument.  Janet returns to the table and starts on Gina and Lydia for bringing the topic up in the first place.  Sally then calls Gina the worst word possible – BULLY – for telling Gamble to shut up, when Gina comes back with the best line ever…“Who are you?”!!!

Next day and it’s comedy time – Gamble holding up Janet, who has a massive cut on her forehead and they head to a hospital.  Details emerge that Janet tripped on her way to the toilet the night before, but was so drunk that she didn’t even remember it happening!

Out on the deck, Gamble thanks Sally for standing up for her against ‘bully’ Gina.  Janet arrives back at the villa with a very bruised and swollen eye.  Jackie feels guilty as she helped Jackie into bed without realising she was hurt, and the pair turn detective to try to work out how she did it.  Their conversation moves on and they make a pact not to bring up any of the previous night’s drama, and not to let any of the other girls come between them.

Jackie, Gamble and Sally head to the middle of a desert for dinner at Acre.  They are still talking about Janet’s injury, now blaming Lydia and Gina for how much Janet had to drink.  Jackie tells Gamble that she needs to stand up to Gina, and not allow herself to be bullied.  Sally then adds that Gina said Gamble had only married Rick for his money, which really upsets her.

The girls all head to a beach bar called SUR – after getting a little wet from a rogue wave, Gamble asks Venus what was said at Janet’s party earlier in the season.  The ladies launch into yet another dissection of the situation but, in the end, Venus apologises to Gamble for the miscommunication and how the gossip was relayed to the group.

In what seems like a never-ending episode, we join the gang at a VIP party for Ben and Jackie’s tequila line.  Over a couple of shots, Venus assures Gamble that she really meant her apology.  We cut to Sally and Gina rehashing the same drama we started with at the pool – yes, it’s back to bullying and threats about losing followers (fun fact: Sally actually gained 2,500 followers after the ep aired!).  Gina attempts to take the moral high ground, fails spectacularly, and storms off.  We end, finally, with Lydia and Gina arguing over who really is the bully – two things are clear: Gina and Sally don’t mix, and there’s plenty more drama to come this season!

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