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RHOMelbourne Recap: Sally Can’t Wait [Episode 5]

by: Grant Ashley
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and they do not reflect in any way those of

What a full on episode. There's so much happening with the ladies this week, it was hard to keep up! We start where we left off with newbie Venus Behbahani-Clark and her sister having to tell their dad about the breakdown of Rebekah’s engagement - Dad was very understanding and, of course, gave Rebekah his full support.

Gina was also there for moral support and added a light, comical spin on the whole situation - she really is coming up with some great one liners this season!

Sally meets up with Jackie and Janet at the Garden State Hotel in Melbourne’s CBD, to catch the girls up with the gossip from last episode’s truffle hunt with the ‘dark side’, AKA Gina, Lydia and Venus. Venus had taken Sally aside to discuss #photogate, claiming that the 45 photos were just a bunch of selfies and innocent shots. Jackie and Janet are quick to pour cold water on those claims and it’s clear this isn’t the last we’re going to hear about #photogate!

Gina has been gearing up to launch her new line of fake tan products, FLAWLESS by Gina Liano, and she invited Janet and Lydia for a trial run. All seemed to be going well with Janet going for the full tan - it’s a nice colour for leather!  What happens next in a confessional truly shocked me and was completely unnecessary – it was Lydia’s turn to get a tan, only going for her legs, but then she gets #fatshamed by Janet!

As with the rest of this season, Janet refuses to own her bad behaviour and I’m getting sick of no one standing up to her – Gina did try to confront her about the gossip between Lydia, Janet and Jackie but she’s not letting anything out.

Who would’ve thought that an 18 year old Gamble was a singer, which she had to stop doing due to hearing loss – cut to the girl actually trying to hold a note, I was shocked that she could even sing and being honest it wasn’t bad, compared to the likes of Kim Zolciak- Biermann and Luann de Lesseps.  Gamble actually has a decent voice, and she can write too, SHOCKING!

Surprising to see another reading from Jackie, it was amazing to watch.  We’ve not seen this side of Jackie since Season 1 and wow was Sally touched at what Jackie was able to tell her.  I truly feel for Sally and the amount of loss she has had in her life.

Next, we joined most of the girls at the launch of Sally’s homewares and accessory range BLOOMFEILD & WEBBER, which is stocked at Nathan + Jac, in Richmond and #photogate comes up again - this time Janet and Venus compare what they have on each other’s phones and by the end of it they agree to let it all go and move on. Conversation turns to boobs, Jackie declares that she has E cups and Venus let’s us know she had hers done after kids.

Lydia and Gina turn up and straight away Jackie takes Lydia over for a chat, but the focus moves to apology-seeking Venus getting fobbed off by Gamble – Venus certainly didn’t seem to view being compared to a pecked-to-death victim from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds quite as funny as Gamble did!

Now back to Lydia and Jackie’s chat where we finally find out what’s behind last season’s allegations that Lydia was “cheating”.  It all revolves around one year at the Logies (the Aussie version of the Emmys) where Lydia asked Jackie not to pick up her phone if Lydia’s husband, Andrew, called, saying that she’d deal with him later.

Jackie was uncomfortable with this, feeling that she was lying to Andrew, and led her to believe that Lydia was doing something wrong. It’s clear that Jackie made too much of the situation, and it ends with her storming off with Janet running after her. Next week, we’ll see more of Chyka Keebaugh, no doubt adding to the fire of Lydia and Jackie...

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