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RHOMelbourne Recap: It’s My Party I’ll Invite Who I Want To [Episode 6]

by: Grant Ashley
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and they do not reflect in any way those of

Welcome to next instalment of the Melbourne ladies!  This episode started with the fabulous three, Gina, Lydia and Venus at Llona Staller, a bar in the city.  We continue to see the different, softer side of Gina this season as she opened up about considering counselling over the loss of her father and her emotional ups and downs.

Venus again talks about Gamble and how she is making any digs she can at Venus, and the way she acts the victim in all situations – it feels like Gamble is jealous of the strong friendship between Gina and Venus. Lydia brings up her strained friendship with Jackie and Janet, and how the drama from last episode is affecting them, Janet denying the things she’s told Lydia, and Lydia revealing bad gossip to Jackie.

Speaking of Jackie, we catch up with her and Chyka at her home; as soon as they sit down, the girls are talking about what happened at Sally’s launch party and how Jackie stormed out after the “bad gossip” Lydia delivered to her.  They’ve really had it in for Lydia since season 1, even fully denying that any fight happened when overseas. Cut back to the the fabulous three talking about the same thing, and pointing the finger at Janet gossiping about all the girls in the group. Lydia then discovers through Venus that she’s not invited to Jackie’s birthday party #awkward!

Sally is a busy lady and we join a meeting about her soon to be opened hotel, Bloomfield Umalas, Bali.  Like any new venture, there have been a few hiccups, but it all seems to be coming together - it’s definitely shaping up to be a very cool, calm and tranquil place to visit.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Since Gamble moved into her new house, they’ve all felt there’s been spirits in the home, especially in the wine cellar where we see Gamble, Rick and Luke all freaking out. Gamble has also been teaching Luke how to drive – I’m not sure these lessons will work as Gamble seems to think that stop signs are a convenient break to catch up on your social media!

Gina sits down with a counsellor, talking about the tough decisions she had to make as her father’s medical guardian. Gina isn’t usually one for tears, but I’m sure we’re going to see plenty this season despite her attempts to make light of the situation. It’s great that she’s trying to see the positive aspects of her loss, and is eating lots of chocolate and food to make herself feel better – if that’s how she can deal with the grief, so be it.

Shine, shine, shine. It’s Jackie’s birthday party and it was a relatively uneventful one. Gamble gave Jackie a star as a present, which was born on the same day as her, and then a group trip to Mexico was announced. Oops, I spoke too soon, the fireworks started with Venus confronting Gamble about the “joke” picture sent to her friend in last week’s episode, which then turns into a full-on argument.

Gamble throws out allegations of all the cosmetic surgery Venus has had done, calling her an idiot and the ladies’ favourite ‘C’-word!  The comments then turn to Venus’ husband, James, and how good he is at giving oral sex, Gamble taking things to another level by walking out of the venue screaming his name and fantasizing about him doing it to her.

Call me biased, but I really feel for Lydia - leaving her out of an event doesn’t make anyone look good. Gina leaves the birthday party and heads over to Lydia’s home and tells her about the group trip, unsure whether Lydia is actually invited.  Gina obviously wants her to come, but Lydia wants to sort out the Jackie and Janet situation first.

Closing off the episode we have Jackie meeting with a stylist to pack for the trip; she calls Lydia to invite her but it doesn’t go well as Jackie demands that Lydia not bring up any of the drama between them whilst away. Lydia wasn’t happy, wondering if she wouldn’t have the ability to defend herself if one of the others brings things up.

Much more to come next week when we see all the girls arriving in Mexico…or maybe it won’t be them all!

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